Sunday, February 11, 2018

Texas Sass Valentine's day giveaway

I have always loved Valentine's Day! Today I'm doing an Instagram Giveaway to celebrate women and love ❤ I hope y'all LOVE the items I selected! I'll explain a little about each item and why I love it so much! Keep reading for a bonus entry opportunity!

Glamboxes clear makeup bag - This is a bag I received with my Glambox and I set it aside for a future giveaway. I have a makeup bag just like it in black and it has quickly become my favorite. It's durable plastic, easy to clean and dare I say life changing for this mom with very little time! No more digging through my bag for that item that inevitably falls to the very bottom... I've seriously cut my makeup time in half just because of the convenience of finding the item through the clear bag first!

Professional Makeup brush set - 5 brushes including powder, blush, eye shadow, eye crease and  eye liner/brow . This makeup brush set is my favorite because it comes with the brush holder to organize all your brushes and has extra pockets for makeup, brush cleaner or whatever you want! The fold down flap keeps the brushes covered and clean.

Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Baked Cheek Powder - This adorable heart shaped blush is such a flattering shade on any woman. It has been my favorite blush and it was limited edition so I've been hoarding them basically lol but someone will be so lucky to get this! It also gives back to the Mary Kay Foundation which supports women's shelters and survivors of domestic abuse.

Mary Kay® Lash Love® mascara - Every girl needs a good mascara and this is a great formula for anyone. The flexible brush makes separating lashes super easy and it helps condition lashes and defend against breakage.

Accessory bags, set of 3 - Organize your jewels, delicates and essentials in these adorable white bags with rose gold lettering! Now that everyone is starting to think of spring and summer vacations, I thought these would be perfect for the travel girl or for anyone that just loves keeping their items clean and tidy. Every girl benefits from a little organization!

"Stay Sassy" trinket tray - If you watch my insta stories you'll know I specifically picked out this item at Winton and Waits for this giveaway! It's perfect for jewelry or little things around the office or house and it's my reminder to you that we all have a little sassy in us ❤ Winton and Waits is a great boutique for affordable, adorable clothing, accessories and home decor and they partner with non-profits that benefit Ethiopian women, adoption, and survivors of sexual exploitation.

I'd love to keep all of these items, not gonna lie!!! But I'd rather share the LOVE and say thank you for following along and supporting me, whether you read the blog or follow me on Instagram or Twitter... I appreciate you! This giveaway is not sponsored in any way, so the specific brands I've chosen are just brands I happen to like.

To enter the giveaway you must follow the steps on my Instagram Giveaway Post.
✳For a bonus entry, comment below with which item you're most excited about!

What do y'all have planned for Valentine's Day? Chris and I haven't even discussed!! Haha #parentlife