Wednesday, July 30, 2014

join the style club

Happy Hump Day y'all!! These past few days have been super crazy busy for me!  I have been all over Texas for various reasons... all fun things like family, new houses and bridal showers!  I'm a big fan of road trips and I really enjoy the drive across my big beautiful state, but of course it's always nice to come home.  

What's really nice is coming home, catching up on sleep and then checking your mail and getting a fun surprise!  Take a look at my new sassy pieces, direct from The Style Club!
I could most definitely see myself wearing these two pieces together, but also styling them separately!  They are both so soft and comfortable!  I can't wait to play around with them! 

What I'm loving about The Style Club is that it is an interactive community where you can share your style and your closet with your friends!  They also keep you up-to-date on trends and amazing fashion by featuring tastemakers of the week as well as collaborating with exclusive brands!  Online shopping is fun, but it's more fun when you can incorporate your girlfriends and have access to blogger's looks!  I also love the fact that the clothing from The Style Club is a great variety of edgy, girly, sassy and sweet!

So... here comes the super duper exciting news for Texas Sass... I've been chosen as a style ambassador for The Style Club!  So you'll be seeing this fun new badge addition to my blog!
You can check out MY CLOSET, see what I'm wearing and what I'm loving, and then shop the looks! I'm very excited about this opportunity and sharing some more of my fashion with you!  Make sure to head over to The Style Club right now and register yourself!  Check out the fun fashion videos and start shopping these sassy looks! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

All white date night

Yesterday was HOT.  Chris and I decided to continue our summer tradition of free movie date nights in Sundance Square!  Last night's movie was The Muppets, and seriously, I couldn't have been more excited!  I grew up on the Muppet Show and it brings back amazing memories for me.  I had not seen the Jason Segel movie before, despite telling myself I'd see it in theaters when it came out (you know, like 2 years ago...)  It was SO good!!  

The best part was getting to spend the time with my hubby.  There's something about strolling through our town at night... it's always beautiful and we're always headed somewhere for some fabulous free event.  Fort Worth truly is an amazing city for a young couple!!

So like I said, yesterday was HOT.  Before we headed out for our walk and movie, I decided white from head to toe was the way to go!  This outfit is super simple... nothing fancy or expensive... just cool, casual cotton.  
I'll say it again... I can't get enough of layering plain solid shirts over tanks and Ts this summer!  I wear this white button-up all the time!!  Last night was a perfect night to take it off and wrap it around my waist until the temperature cooled down... which I did, after sweating to take these pics!  The long sleeve shirt and shorts are both affordable finds from Target.  
I also felt compelled to wear some proper shoes for walking (this doesn't happen often... I'm usually the girl struggling in heels because it's worth it haha)  I love love LOVE these New Balance sneakers with accents of brown and pink!  These shoes were actually a gift to me from my brother a few years ago and they were buried in my closet for awhile.  My bro may not admit it or talk about fashion much, but he does have an amazing sense of style.
Plain and simple... This Michael Kors T-shirt was a fashion find at Stein Mart.  It's always nice to have a little bling, so I love the sparkly MK.  Did you know that Stein Mart has a entire Designer Finds section of their store?  If you didn't, you really need to check it out!!  I love me some Michael Kors and I love it even more at a discount!  They even carry some designer items from Kate Spade, Roberto Cavalli, YSL and Versace... just to name a few. 
Another detail you'll probably notice... my glasses.  Yeah, I don't wear them very often because I don't need them unless I'm trying to see a far distance, BUT I've gotten a ton of compliments recently on them!  I've had them for a few years now but they are DKNY.  Crossbody bag is vintage Fossil.

Once the sun went down and the weather cooled a little bit, it was a perfect night!  I really enjoyed this all white outfit!!  Sometimes casual, light and bright is the best way to go!  You can still look cute even when you're sweating in Texas ;-)

How would you wear all white?  What are you favorite white pieces in your wardrobe?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer showers & flowers

My husband gave me a dozen roses the other day (thanks hubby!) and I've been admiring the beautiful, soft peachy color.  Today was a rainy day in Fort Worth, so I decided to take a quick break from cleaning and do a mini photoshoot for these gorgeous blooms!  

Today was a simple joys kind of day... I went barefoot in the rain and caught raindrops on roses!  And yes I'm also currently experiencing whiskers on kittens as my cat sits in my lap while I write this!

These beautiful roses gave me a sweet summer moment and made my day.  Happy Thursday y'all!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

be bold!

Yesterday was a super casual day.  It was Chris' day off and after a morning and early afternoon of just hanging out, we decided to venture out to a favorite shop and browse around.  I didn't want to get "all made up" but I wanted a simple, quick pop of color with my eye makeup.  I've been loving to the BOLD COLOR of Mary Kay at Play's Bold Fluid Eyeliner
 Of course I'm partial to the purple, with my green eyes and all, but I really love every color.  It's super fun to mix and match them also!  My favorite is blending the colors to create an ombre effect!  Check out these helpful You Tube tutorials from Mary Kay!  Ombre, cat eye & basic looks are highlighted! 
Ready to try it for yourself? If you already have a Mary Kay beauty consultant, please contact her to try!  If you don't, guess what?  Now you do!  I'd love to work with you and be your FREE beauty consultant!  There are SO many perks to having a personal makeup consultant and I'd love to tell you about it! 
Shop these eyeliners and more on my WEBSITE.  Plus, you can contact me for free samples, beauty advice, makeup services and free product!  Just register on my website as a new customer! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

pool day essentials

Are you enjoying your summer as much as I am?!  Despite the heat... I LOVE TEXAS SUMMERS!  Pool time, cooking out, going out on the lake, floating the river, concerts, food trucks... I love it all and can never get enough!  

Today I'm sharing my short-list of necessities for a pool day with your best girlfriend!  Thankfully, my bff has an amazing pool that she shares with me!
1. Cute tote bag- Every girl needs a cute tote!  I especially love straw totes during the summer.  I love that they are a little more sturdy and can stand on their own and it takes more than a quick splash of water to get the tote wet!  This tote is about the same size as a tote purse, which prevents me from packing too many items but leaves me room for more than just a towel.  Here's some super cute totes from Target!

2. A hat- Pick something you don't mind sweating in or if it gets wet or faded.  My favorite hat is a pink Guinness trucker hat that I picked up in college.  I prefer regular caps as opposed to a giant sun hat mostly because they are smaller & easier to pack and you really don't need to worry about smashing them like a straw hat.  Also, I love being able to put my ponytail through the whole in the back of the cap! 

3. Sunscreen- I can not stress this enough!  I think we've all finally come around and gotten over our late 90s / early 2000s obsession with tanning!  ....I know I have!  I've hit the point in my life when yes, I care about aging and possible skin cancer.  So I make sure to have my sunscreen with me at all times. My favorite sunscreen EVER is from Mary Kay.  It's broad spectrum protection that blocks me from getting burned, but still allows me to get some color (I see tan lines!)  I also love that it is non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores) and water-resistant and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes!  Mary Kay Sunscreen comes in SPF 30 or 50 and works better than anything else I've ever used! SHOP IT HERE.  *whatever sunscreen you use, please make sure it is BROAD SPECTRUM protection (blocks both UVA and UVB rays), water-resistant (nothing is completely waterproof; all sunscreens need to be reapplied through the day), suitable for sensitive-skin (so anyone can borrow and use it) and backed by a money-back guarantee (don't worry, Mary Kay is!)  I also recommend sunscreens that you must RUB IN as opposed to spray-on... many spray-on sunscreens contain unnecessary chemicals and alcohol.  Take the time to protect yourself!

4. Lip Protection and After-sun Gel- Again, my favorite products are from Mary Kay.  Don't forget that the pool and sun exposure can also really dry out your lips!  I love the Lip Protector from MK because it provides moisture as well as sun protection!  The Mary Kay After-Sun Replenishing Gel is the best item I've ever found to soothe your skin after a long day of sun!  It feels amazing and will help prevent any pain or peeling from too much sun!  **I recently converted a guy-friend to a believer... he was complaining about a bad burn from a few days prior and as soon as I gave him this gel, he was amazed at the relief he felt!  Again, money-back guarantee!  SHOP the after-sun gel HERE!

5. An old towel and a cheap bandana- hey, we live in Texas, people!! If you think you're not going to sweat A LOT when by the pool or on the lake, you're sadly mistaken.  I like to pack a crappy, old towel that I really don't care what happens to.  That way, I can wipe off my sweat on something besides my cute pool towel (that's for laying out and looking sexy!)  The bandana is another great item to keep handy.  It's big enough to cover your face if you need a little extra shade, you can use it to tie up your hair, or you can get it wet and wrap it around your head or neck to help keep you cool.  I love shopping at Walmart for bandanas because they have a huge variety of cute patterns for about $1 each! 

6. Magazines- this is sort of self-explanatory... ladies like reading material and in the summer, I love catching up on magazines.  I never feel like I have that much time during the rest of the year to sit and read magazines, but in the summer I play catch up.  I love having a Cosmo... truthfully now that I'm married I don't feel weird reading the sex tips! HA! But seriously, I've always loved Cosmopolitan and I make sure to pick it up for a pool day.  I've also been loving Country Living magazine for it's cute DIY ideas, recipes and home decor.  What magazines are you favorites? 

7. A gift for the hostess- my hostess may be my best friend, but I still feel that it is appropriate to bring a little something as a thank you for inviting me over to use her pool!  I'm loving fresh flowers and think that it's the perfect something to give!  You really don't need to spend a lot of money... I've found that wild flowers and things like Gerber Daisies can provide an amazingly pretty pop of color for an affordable price!  Loving these orange beauties that I picked up the other day!  And how cute is it to show up with your summer tote, pull those blooms out and say, "These are for you!"?!  The grocery store will always have a small selection, but checking out more specialty stores like Central Market or Trader Joes will most likely give you the biggest, most affordable selection.  Trader Joes has become my new favorite store since they opened a Fort Worth location! 
A little strategic planning and packing can really make or break your day in the sun!  Do I really need to remind everyone how HOT it is out there??  Pack the sunscreen, pack the after-sun gel, pack the extra clothing and extra towels... it is worth it!  There is nothing more miserable than being in the heat and not having what you need... not to mention how dangerous it is!  

Consider packing your tote bag with these items and just leaving it packed... that way you're ready at a moment's notice and you won't forget anything!  You know, kind of like a pregnant woman has the suitcase all ready! ;-)  Pool and lake opportunities can pop up at any minute here in Texas!  Enjoy the sun!!