Thursday, April 2, 2020

Instagram Try on session 4/2/20- clothing links

What day is it?  Thursday?! What?!  I'm actually surprised at how fast time is flying right now.  Don't get me wrong, the whole quarantine thing is going by slowly BUT I do actually feel like my individual days are going by pretty quick... Thank GOD!  K is keeping me super busy and I'm just absolutely exhausted doing it all on my own.  Even though I'm getting plenty of sleep, I feel more tired than ever.

Today I finally got a chance to do a quick try-on session with some of my newest online purchases.  If you haven't already watched my Instagram stories, I hope you'll go check it out!  I learned very quickly that my master bedroom lighting is horrible and I'll have to do something about that.  We have very little natural light in our house, unfortunately, and I can't stand any of our light fixtures LOL.  But one thing at a time.  I'm just happy my mirror is finally in a good place so I can try on clothes and show y'all!

So tonight I just wanted to quickly recap the items I shared and link them for y'all.  Obviously, my ultimate goal is to be able to swipe up on IG, so if you feel so inclined, I'd love if you'd share my profile with any you know that loves affordable fashion and home decor, especially anyone living in Fort Worth since I share on a lot of local boutiques and restaurants.  I'm excited to start sharing more of my home decor and DIY projects!  I appreciate y'all so much and I just want to grow my following so it's a little easier for me to share things directly from Insta!  

I really got some great deals on the pieces I'm sharing.  I'm a bargain shopper so of course I'm always sorry in advance if anything sells out quickly or isn't available in all sizes.  
CRAWFORD JUMPSUIT- The Styled Collection
Only $11!  I'm wearing small; Stocked in small, medium and large in black 
(sorry my olive green is sold out)
$26.99 I'm wearing XS; Stocked in XS- XXL; 
also available in Zebra print and Leopard midi (only $17.97)
$69.50 (so sorry, I caught these on a $30 sale so I will definitely share on IG if I see them go on sale again) I'm wearing XS in black; 5 colors available

MARGARITAS POR FAVOR TEE- purchased locally at a Stockyards boutique 
(working on figuring out the name)

Have you been living in sweats and comfy clothes?  I definitely have!  I'm so bummed that I can't have a date night out and wear the jumpsuit and the tie dye dress.  Can't wait until that day comes.  Hope y'all are surviving!  Anyone dealing with extra anxiety can ALWAYS DM me or message me and I will always be able to relate.  Y'all know I'm here!  I'm taking everything one day at a time!  And although I'm limiting myself on the shopping, every once in awhile I just have to grab a new clothing item.  It's fun getting something in the mail!  
Even if I have to Clorox Wipe the shit out of it! ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My Sass is Quarantined

Well y'all, it has been a crazy ass couple of days.  So here's what's happening.  Chris got really sick at the end of last week.  He had been going to work because he works in plumbing and that was necessary.  They did have a meeting at work going over safety precautions.  He came home early from work one day.  Saturday was the first day that he truly felt like total crap and couldn't do anything.  That's when his horrible cough started.  He isolated himself to the guest bedroom/ his "man room".  I called the Fort Worth Covid hotline and they told me steps to take.

He felt so awful on Saturday that he didn't make it to see a doctor but he did go as soon as possible on Sunday.  Since Chris is a veteran, he's in the VA system and that's his primary care doctor.  We found an urgent care clinic very close to our house that's approved by the VA, since it was a weekend, and he was quarantined at the doctor's office and immediately given a strep and flu test (both negative) and a Corona Virus test (yes, he did say it sucks as bad as you may have heard)

We are currently waiting for results on his Corona Virus test.  Based on his symptoms and how awful he feels, we're all treating it so far as if he does have the virus, although we still don't know.  It is possible he could have the stomach flu.  It would be nice to find that out (how weird is it to wish someone you love has the stomach flu??)

Chris is remaining quarantined in his man room and in the guest bathroom.  This is normally the bathroom my daughter uses, so for now, I've moved all her things into the master bathroom.  The man room and bathroom doors are remaining closed and every time I hear him go to the bathroom and return to the man room, I go spray each door handle with Lysol.  This is a little tricky in our house since it's not very big and we have one main hallway that all the bedrooms and bathroom come off of.  I just keep telling my daughter she can't go in either room and so far she's doing well listening to directions.  But that's also why I'm doing the Lysol every time a door is touched by Chris... just in case on the off chance she grabs one of those doorknobs.  Chris is also wearing a mask anytime he comes out of the man room, and if he walks into a room where we are, he doesn't touch anything and he stays 6 feet away from us.

He is currently sick to his stomach so he hasn't eaten much; chicken noodle soup and crackers are pretty much all he's been able to do.  I did send him a "menu" of all the food we have so he can let me know if he wants something.  Any time he wants something, he either texts me or calls me, I make it and then I set it outside his door and either knock or text him back to let him know it's there.

Kendall and I are currently staying quarantined in the rest of the house (and outside in our own yard). Since we don't know yet what we've been exposed to, we are choosing to stay home.  We are not sick at all as of right now.  I did feel sick for awhile on Sunday (small fever, body aches and a headache for about 24 hours that wouldn't go away).  I've been checking Kendall for fever frequently every day and she hasn't had one.  I also make sure to ask her if she feels sick.  The only thing she has said is that she's tired.  Does she nap though?? HAHA NOOOOO of course not!

Chris has had a consistent fever for about 5 days now.  It's gotten as high as 102.5 (as far as I know, he's the one taking it, not me).  It has gone up and down but hasn't gone away.  He had a very bad cough (not as bad now but still there).  Luckily his dad brought him some cough medicine the other day.  He has to have a special kind for his high blood pressure.  He had a sore throat the other day; not sure if he still does.  He has also had a consistent headache and body aches and feels nauseous.  He has told me that this is the sickest he's ever felt.

Even my friends that know Chris might not know that he has underlying conditions and a weak immune system.  Of course this makes us worried that if it is the virus, it puts him in the At Risk Category.  Luckily he hasn't had any breathing issues.  If he does at any point, he knows I will be making him go to the hospital.  Chris is prone to lung infections so any further progression of this sickness could be very bad news.  The good news is that although he's very sick, he's staying hydrated and getting occasional food (soup) in him.  He was told by the doctors to treat his symptoms and go to the ER if he gets any worse.

Most people that are quarantined right now are self-quarantined to prevent possibly getting the virus.  Most people are getting a lot of quality family time with their immediate family members.  We are NOT.  My husband is sick as shit and totally separated from us.  Ask me how easy it is to explain to a 3-year-old why she can't hug her daddy and why mommy has yelled at her when she's gotten too close to him, and rushed her to the bathroom in a panic when she needs to wash her hands because I wasn't sure if she touched something she shouldn't.  I explain to her every day what's happening but this isn't just a "why you can't see your friends at school" conversation; this is a "why you can't get anywhere near your daddy" convo and "why we're FaceTiming your daddy in the same house" and a "why your Papa dropped groceries on the porch but we couldn't say hi to him" conversation.

Although we still don't know for sure, we are all quarantined to prevent spreading it.  A week ago I was making trips to the grocery store for essentials, and now I can't do that, just in case.  Kendall and I also made a couple trips to visit my family members last week, and now we're choosing not to do that.  We also can't let anyone else into our house or near us.  So far no one else in my family is sick, but one of the reasons this virus sucks so much is that you can be carrying without any symptoms at all, so seeing my parents and my brother last week may have been a mistake... we just don't know.  It's all of the uncertainty that is the worst, in my opinion.  This is why there are so many warnings to stay home.  Someone can have zero symptoms and not get sick at all, but could still be carrying the virus.  It affects everyone differently.  If we do have it, Sunday may have been my sick period;  Kendall may have it but be showing zero symptoms because she's young and so healthy.  OR she and I may not have it at all.  Chris might not have it at all.  THIS IS SO WEIRD AND SO UNCERTAIN AND THAT'S WHY IT SUCKS SO MUCH.

Yesterday some good friends of ours and their kids stopped by the house (and stayed on the porch) while we were inside.  They brought dry erase markers and they played tic-tac-toe with Kendall on the window.  We called each other on speaker phone and all visited for a few minutes while looking at each other through the windows.  It was one of the most thoughtful things ever.  They just wanted to stop by and say hi and check on us.  They live in south Fort Worth and drove all the way over to our house just for that.  They are awesome friends.  They even called Chris on one phone so that he could stand away from us but still be involved in the convo.

Family members have dropped off a few grocery items and more Clorox wipes to us.  It sucks that they can't come inside and visit us until we know for sure whether or not Kendall and I have been exposed to the virus.  If it turns out that Chris just has the stomach flu, Kendall and I will be able to resume a more normal life right now and we would be able to see our family members.

Of course I'd just love anyone that is willing to pray to do so.  With Chris being in the high risk category, I just want him to get over this and get healthy again.  I pray he doesn't get any worse.  I also pray that we end up getting a negative Corona Virus result.  I don't know if that will happen, but I am hoping for it.  I also request that you pray for my sanity LOL seriously though.  This has not been easy.  I know this situation isn't easy on anyone, especially parents working from home, etc.  But our situation is a little different and it's been very hard.  It's very hard to be taking care of someone sick, to have to take extra precautions, to not be able to get anywhere near them, to do extra cleaning every time they leave a room, and to keep a toddler busy, happy and entertained all by myself.  It's also hard to manage the food we've stock piled, plan meals for everyone at different times, keep a toddler away from certain rooms in the house, watch at all times what she's touching and make sure she's washing her hands... meanwhile, texting and calling all family members and keeping them updated.  It's also very hard having a single moment to myself.  Thankfully K is usually in bed by 7:00 and I get a couple hours of quiet TV time which is how I decompress.

Don't get me wrong, I do not for one second think I have it the worst.  Chris is sick as shit and my heart goes out to him.  Plus, K and I have a whole house and outside; he has one room and feels like total crap every minute of every day.  But my other request besides prayer is that everyone just listen to the guidelines and do whatever you can to stay at home and limit your contact with others.  We just want this to go away as fast as possible and we don't want anyone else dealing with it.  This social distancing is not stupid or over the top.  It's really all we can do.  There are people at every age that can be at risk.  And there are people at every age that can fight this virus off no problem.  Everyone is different; sometimes symptoms show, sometimes they don't; sometimes people carry and they have no idea.  Just do what you can and take it seriously.  We'll all get through it.  Smile, be kind and do whatever you can :)

Lots of love y'all!!  I'll be keeping everyone updated on my Instagram and Twitter (yep, I've missed twitter!!) with my hashtag #MySassIsQuarantined because well, we all need a sense of humor in this, and as always, I will be transparent and honest about what's happening in my life.  Thanks for the support and thanks for following along!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Essential Oils I use every day

Hey y'all!  I'm happy to be starting a new series all about Essential Oils!  I've been using them on the regular for over a year now.  I had a few oils prior to that and a small diffuser, but I really didn't know anything about them and I just basically used them for smells I liked.  Once I knew that I wanted to start using them more extensively, I signed up for Young Living (because I heard so many wonderful things about their oils and I know tons of people that already used them, and I researched how great they are).  Since then, I've been slowly educating myself and adding more and more oils to my collection.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Valentines basket + valentines school treats

Hey y'all!  Hope you're having a great week so far!  We've had a hell of a few days!  Kendall had an allergic reaction to a medication and then picked up a virus on top of that so I've been on full time mommy duty the last few days.  It's the absolute worst seeing your child sick :(

I did want to go ahead and make sure that I got this Valentine's Day post up though because I got a lot of feedback on my Instagram about making V-day gifts for school friends; lots of mommy friends wanted some ideas.  So today I'm sharing the gifts I'm making for K to take to school as well as the Valentine's Day basket I made for her!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Fort Worth local companies that give back

Hey y'all!! Happy Friday!! Did anyone else have a super fast week?  Did you see my cute clutch bag on Instagram?  I love this fun pattern and the colors so much!  It's SO me!  This bag is from Elizabeth's Voice.  They have two artisan groups in Uganda and Lebanon.  In Uganda, the group is made up of single moms and widows.  In Lebanon, the group is all Iraqi and Syrian refugees rebuilding their lives in Beirut.  You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Valentine's Day 2020 outfit

Hey y'all!  Hope you enjoyed your MLK day, if you happened to get the day off!  I spent mine in catch up mode and sadly, I don't feel that caught up yet.  I did check some things off my to-do list so that feels good!  I'm super excited for some fun things that I have coming up!  It's blowing my mind that it's almost the end of January.  I've been working hard on myself and on my blog and there's just so many good things in the works!  It feels amazing!  I'm so grateful for the supportive people in my life and those readers and followers that are sticking by me as I figure this stuff out!

Today's post is all about my Valentine's outfit!  I don't know what the plan is yet haha actually just asked Chris today if we're doing something for Valentine's because I have this adorable sweater... *hint hint wink wink*

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

christmas gift favorites

Hey y'all!  Since it's been a few weeks since Christmas, today I thought I'd share some of my Christmas Favorites- things I've been loving that I received as gifts.

Monday, January 13, 2020

work it girl

Happy Monday y'all! 

This year has actually been really great so far! I know I know, we're only a couple weeks in.  But I've been feeling good lately and I know a huge part of that is taking some small steps for myself!  

I've done a little self care like a mani and pedi and a haircut.  I've also spent time with my family and used some gift cards for shopping.  Next on the list is getting into some sort of workout routine!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Long Hair

Last time I cut my hair was over three years ago. Yes you read that right OVER THREE years ago. Right now my hair is crazy long. It’s in my way every single day. It touches the counter when I reach over to wash my hands or wash the dishes. It’s heavy and gives me headaches when I put it up in a topknot a.k.a. the poof. It’s ridiculously unhealthy. I haven’t had a haircut in three years.

Friday, January 3, 2020

new year organization

Happy New Year y'all!!!

Can't believe it's 2020! I'm excited for a new year and for saying goodbye to the last few years.  This last decade was full of ups and downs, amazing moments and horrible moments.  And while I know this new year and new decade will also have it's fair share of trials, I feel good that I will come to a place of peace within myself and with my life thus far.

Do you choose a word of the year?  I've done that the last couple years and feel like it's a nice way to start the year.  This year I've chosen PEACE as my word.  My emotions have run high the last few years and I've been in a state of chaos and I'm ready to do whatever I can to change that.  I want to intentionally welcome in PEACE that my Lord and Savior can give me.  I want to focus on His PEACE and His timing and plan for my life and accept the lessons I've been learning lately.