Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Essential Oils I use every day

Hey y'all!  I'm happy to be starting a new series all about Essential Oils!  I've been using them on the regular for over a year now.  I had a few oils prior to that and a small diffuser, but I really didn't know anything about them and I just basically used them for smells I liked.  Once I knew that I wanted to start using them more extensively, I signed up for Young Living (because I heard so many wonderful things about their oils and I know tons of people that already used them, and I researched how great they are).  Since then, I've been slowly educating myself and adding more and more oils to my collection.
I really want to stress that the biggest reason I started using oils is my daughter.  When you spend time researching how toxic our homes are and the gross products we all use on a regular basis, it can really freak you out.  I'm trying my best to transition us as a family to using more natural remedies and eliminating some harmful products like cleaners.  When it comes to things like headaches, I now reach for an oil rather than taking a pain reliever right away.  But this doesn't mean that my home is totally non-toxic (it's a process y'all!) and it doesn't mean that I don't use medicine.

So to start this series off, I just wanted to go through the oils I use basically on a daily basis and how I use them.  All of these oils came in my Young Living Starter Kit*.  The Starter Kit is how I started my oil journey and it will probably be how you start yours if you decide to.  Also want to quickly mention that you can be a retail customer with Young Living if you don't want to sign up as a member, so this is most certainly NOT a post to get you into Young Living.  I really just want to educate on the oils I love because I was intimated when I first starting using them and I'm sure others are too.
I had my starter kit for a few months before I actually started using all the oils inside.  My first go-to oil was LAVENDER because I had used it before, prior to Young Living.  So I'll start with that and then I'll list how I use the other oils too.  If you do happen to have any interest in getting a starter kit and getting a discount on your oils, I'll have a link for that at the bottom of this post :)

-I diffuse this almost every day.  It's one of my favorite scents ever and it's relaxing and aids with sleep.  I diffuse it in the living room before bed time, especially to help calm Kendall.  I also diffuse it in her bedroom before bedtime. 
-I switched from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls for my laundry.  I use two drops of lavender on the dryer balls when I'm drying laundry and it makes our clothes smell heavenly
-If I get a headache I put one drop on the back of my neck.  I love the cooling sensation and the smell of peppermint helps to relieve my headache.  I've also made a headache roller.  I'll go over roller recipes in another post.
-I love the smell of lemon so I diffuse this almost daily.  It's a nice clean smell that helps to purify the air and eliminate other odors.
-It can also help with allergies when combined with lavender and peppermint.  I diffuse this blend when I feel my allergies acting up.
-I also use lemon as a way to remove sticky stuff like the sticky film that some price tags leave or a way to remove oil splatter from cooking.  It's basically like a goo gone but the smell is so much nicer and I don't wonder what's touching my skin.
-Lemon Vitality can be added to your water to make yummy lemon water which is super beneficial to your health
-The smell of Stress Away is probably my favorite smell!!  I'm seriously obsessed with it.  I put a couple drops on my wrists every single night right before bed.  It helps relax me.  Bedtime used to be one of my most anxious times because my brain would go wild and think about so many things at once and it would keep me awake for a long time.  I don't have that problem any more.
-I will use Stress Away on my wrists throughout the day if I feel overwhelmed or stressed out about anything
-I also diffuse it on my anxious days.  Seriously... the smell!!!! :)
(Note: I also use R.C. every night before bed on my chest.  This oil does not come in the starter kit but it was a definite must-have for me because of my allergies and respiratory issues)
-This is for tummy and digestive issues.  Taken on a regular basis, it can help regulate you.  I don't have many issues in that department so I don't take it every day.
-I do use this any time I have heartburn and it really helps me.  I've added a drop to a shot of water and I'll drink it.  I'm not the biggest fan of the taste so I plan on getting some capsules.  Digize is a Vitality oil which means you can ingest it.  
-I have also used it topically and put a couple drops on my chest when I've had heartburn
-I also have a roller that I made and I tell my husband to use it on his stomach any time he feels like he's having stomach issues.
-This oil helps to soothe sore muscles so I will add it to a warm bath if I feel achy or I just have tired muscles.
-Chris and I have also done back rubs with panaway directly on the skin if either one of us is sore
-I also have a roller that I made for sore muscles which just makes application easier and it's already diluted.

-I love to diffuse this.  It helps with breathing and therefore works wonders with my allergies.  It smells like spearmint which is a favorite scent of mine so sometimes I also just diffuse it because I like the smell so much

-This is an amazing germ killer that is safe around kids and food.  I diffuse this during "sick seasons" or when any of us are feeling under the weather (especially if someone at Kendall's school is sick and I want to boost our immune systems)
-I made a Wellness roller and I put this on my feet before bed almost every night and I often put it on Kendall's feet too.
-I use Thieves cleaner all around my house now.  I have replaced antibacterial wipes like Clorox and Lysol, which aren't safe around kids, pets and food

-I use this oil morning and night on my face after I wash.  I could seriously cry because it has helped my skin that much!  I have struggled with acne my entire life and I have never had something help me as much as this oil has.

-I used this in the past when Kendall had teething issues- just rubbed it on her gums.
-I honestly need to explore this oil more!  It has so many benefits but it's one oil I just haven't used much yet.  So honestly, that should show you that it takes time to research oils and to incorporate them.
-This oil has powerful antibacterial properties and it's anti-inflammatory.  It has great benefits for your skin like reducing scars and helping to heal wounds, prevent infections and can even help with acne too.  I can think of so many things I can start using this oil for every single day.

If you have any questions about these oils, please comment below!  I'll be going over some other oils in future posts and would love to know what you want to know about them!  I'll also go over the rollers I've made so far and share the recipes for those.

 You can also DM me on Instagram any time.  Also, if you have any interest in getting your Young Living Starter Kit, I'd love to help you!  You can check out my link HERE.  
*The starter kit can change and the oils I received in my starter kit in November 2018 may not necessarily be the exact oils that are available in the starter kit currently
**ALWAYS read instructions carefully as some oils need to be diluted prior to use AND some oils are not safe for young children.  I have not given specific instructions on dilution in this post.

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