Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Valentines basket + valentines school treats

Hey y'all!  Hope you're having a great week so far!  We've had a hell of a few days!  Kendall had an allergic reaction to a medication and then picked up a virus on top of that so I've been on full time mommy duty the last few days.  It's the absolute worst seeing your child sick :(

I did want to go ahead and make sure that I got this Valentine's Day post up though because I got a lot of feedback on my Instagram about making V-day gifts for school friends; lots of mommy friends wanted some ideas.  So today I'm sharing the gifts I'm making for K to take to school as well as the Valentine's Day basket I made for her!

Everything pictured above is going in Kendall's basket and it's all from Dollar Tree!  I thought the little dog was so cute!  They had a bunch of different animals and the other ones weren't pink.  If you're shopping for a boy, you can still find something cute!  We definitely don't need more stuffed animals, but I can't help myself.  I also loved the cute tote bag with the frog!  It gives Kendall an activity to do and she always loves little bags that she can throw toys in.  They also had a lot of wooden cutout painting crafts.  I'm actually recycling the pink heart shaped basket from last year, but Dollar Tree still had the exact same ones this year (in pink and red) and they come in a pack of 2/$1.  Killer if you have two kids!  Kendall uses her basket for toys year-round and since we have two, it made it easy to sneak away one for Valentine's Day.
This sequin pouch will also be really cute!  She has a few other items with the flip sequins and she LOVES them!  Stickers are always a huge hit and they go fast in our house!
She's very into dress up nowadays too so I got her some more bangle bracelets.  These are adorable hearts but they also had circle bracelets.

Now for the gift bags I'm taking to school.  I kept them really simple but I wanted to give a little something besides just candy.  Bubbles are huge for my daughter so I grabbed this pack of bubble bottles with a cute little heart on top.  These are so perfect and I know they'll get used to all the kids.  The bubbles and the treat bags are also both from Dollar Tree.  So are the Minnie Mouse valentines!  The had a big selection of character valentines.  I love how there's 32 in the pack!  Only for $1!  Kendall has a small class so we'll have a ton of extras that we can give to neighbors or family members.
I also got this pack of spikey balls at Target for $3.  It's a 16 pack so I already opened it to give Kendall one to play with.  For some reason she really likes these lately too.  Both times she went to the doctor recently, she chose spikey balls out of the toy basket.  This is perfect for the gift bags since there's colors that are good for boys or girls and it's a simple toy that can't really break.

I decided to go with some plain milk chocolate for the bags.  I love the Dove chocolates because they're quality, yummy chocolate.  I prefer this over sticky candy with dyes.  I will also add some of these heart chocolates to K's basket.  Heads up that Target has their chocolates like this on sale and there's also additional coupons in the Target app, if you use that.  I took a few screenshots below.
I'm adding about 5 chocolates to each bag.  I wanted to give a little treat but also really wanted to do the toys too so everything isn't just sugar.  I really recommend checking out your Dollar Tree.  There are so many cute treats and toys that are perfect for putting together gift bags or a basket for your own kids.  All I have left to do is have Kendall help with the cards.  The treat bags came with twist ties so I plan on hole-punching the Valentines and then attaching them to the twist ties on the outside of the bag.  These are SUPER affordable and cute!
Hope this helps give you guys some ideas!  In addition to Dollar Tree, Target had some really cute items in the dollar section (just a little more expensive).  I think Party City would also be a great option or even ordering party favors on Amazon.  This didn't take much time at all and barely any money.  I like the instant gratification of the toys in case the kids don't eat the chocolate right away while they're at school.

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