Friday, January 31, 2014

Woofin' in the Worth

Well, we got lucky yesterday... had some nice Texas weather, it was one of Chris' days off, and we had a little time on our hands.  My suggestion?  Heading to the dog park to let Mr. Wilbur have some doggie social time.

I always feel bad for Wilbur as we walk through our condo building every day; he's a lovable giant that most people are happy to see, but there are the occasional "holy crap he's big" reactions.  Yes, he's bigger than I am... he can pull me, yank me, drag me... all to go running up to someone to say HI or beg for treats.  He's a pup that suffers from "I have no idea how big I am and how I scare some people with my enthusiasm".  So it's really nice to have somewhere to go to let him off his leash and let him do his thing.

If you've never taken your best friend to the Fort Woof Dog Park, I highly recommend it.  Yes, you will have to watch your step and avoid poop piles (there's always some owners everywhere that don't pick up.... SO RUDE by the way and pretty disgusting), but relatively speaking, there's very little to watch out for compared to the size of the park and the number of dogs.  Most people I've seen always clean up and always watch their dogs to make sure they're behaving.
The park is situated just outside of downtown Fort Worth, so it's super convenient for us.  Even though downtown is very pet friendly and Wilbur and I enjoy lots of walks around town, again, there's nothing that can replace "no leash time" and the socializing he experiences at the dog park.

Chris and I were shocked at how much energy Wilbur had yesterday!  Usually it's about 10 minutes of hard-core running and he's pooped.  But I think we could have stayed all afternoon and he would have been fine.

I love this dog park for lots of reasons:
1. It's close & convenient
2. It's HUGE
3. There are benches, picnic tables and a covered area for people to sit
4. There's a water station for the dogs
5. There are separate sides for large breeds and small
6. The people and the dogs are always very friendly
7. It's a giant, wide-open space for running and playing, but there's also obstacle course equipment if you want to get technical with your dog
Show your local Fort Worth support and check it out sometime!  Your doggies will love it!  Maybe we'll see you there sometime ;-)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Weather Skincare

Most of us around the country have been experiencing some crazy winter weather lately.  True to form, Texas can't decide whether it's done with winter or not, so we've been swinging drastically back and forth between gorgeous temperatures in the 70s to brutal winds and temps in the 20s.  If you're not in Texas, you've probably just been experiencing cold nonstop!  No matter where you are, I guarantee your skin has not been loving this weather!

I have oily skin, so you'd think I wouldn't have huge problems with drying out during the winter, but this season has taken it's toll on my skin!  I've experienced a few really dry patches on my face, thanks to my allergies and constantly blowing my nose.  Moisturizing is one thing, but you need to remember how important exfoliating your skin in the dry months can be!

I recommend having gentle daily exfoliation in your routine, as well as a more abrasive exfoliating product that you use less often.  The easiest way to exfoliate daily is to use a face wash that contains exfoliation beads.  I recommend Mary Kay's TimeWise 3-in-1 cleanser.  Not only does this cleanser have gentle exfoliation beads, it also will take care of 3 steps in 1: cleansing, exfoliating, AND toning!  Plus, it comes in two different formulas, one for dry/normal skin and one for combo/oily skin.  Adding in a cleansing brush can also bump up your exfoliation and help clean your skin more thoroughly.

On top of gentle exfoliation on a daily basis, you can add more exfoliation, as long as you're not over-doing it.  Your skin naturally exfoliates, but not evenly.  This is the reason you end up with dry patches here and more oily patches there.  Enter microdermabrasion and other spa and dermatologist-recommended treatments.  The problems with these treatments are numerous: who has the time and money to have microderm done professionally every few months? AND why strip your skin SO harshly a few times a year when you can do a more gentle version at home in just a few minutes? Yes, it's lovely going to a spa and being pampered.  But it's also really nice taking control of your skin and pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the cost.  I use Mary Kay's Microdermabrasion Set for just that reason.  It's the same grade Aluminum-Oxide Crystals that are used in spas and dermatologists' offices, but slightly more gentle so you can do it 2-3 times a week and you can also apply makeup immediately afterwards!

Have you ever exfoliated your lips? Guess what? It's the only skin on your body that doesn't naturally exfoliate!  This is why dry, chapped lips are such a problem!  Using Mary Kay's Satin Lips Mask and Balm can conquer this and give you smooth, moisturized lips all through winter!

Check out my other favorite products below!  Winter weather is all about exfoliating and moisturizing.  Work these products into your routine and I bet you'll set a dramatic difference!  Don't forget that your beauty routine needs to change with the seasons, just like your wardrobe!
Winter Weather Skincare


Do you have winter skin problems?  What is your biggest issue?  What are your favorite products?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Fashion

Let's be honest... I watch the red carpet and award shows themselves for the fashion, not the awards.  I haven't watched the Grammys in years, to be honest *gasp* but I did last night.  I was loving that so many ladies made metallic choices since I'm partial to sparkle and shine!  I'm also loving white... hmmm maybe I'm stuck on my wedding colors?? ;-) I think my absolute favorite was Taylor Swift's Gucci Premiere gown.  DROOL!! 

Taylor Swift
But I was also pretty obsessed with Ciara's gorgeous gown and the way she was glowing from her pregnancy! This photo doesn't even do the gown justice; it was amazeballs!

Here's a few others I loved!
Katy Perry
Chrissy Teigen

Rita Ora

Paris Hilton

Sarah Hyland

Who was on your best-dressed list?

{All photos from; click photo captions for source & dress designer info}

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walking in a wedding wonderland

 It's seven weeks until my big day.  Actually, 51 days to be exact! ...according to my wedding website, which, by the way, gives me a heart attack every time I look at it!  I'm deep in planning mode and I'm nailing down all the details for our fancy day!

Today, I wanted to share just a quick couple of tools and resources that I've really found helpful during my planning in hopes that engaged girls will walk away with some advice.  So here we go!

1. Ask yourself "Who do I know?"
When I started planning, I immediately thought of people in my life that I could go to for help.  The adult world is all about networking, and a wedding is the same way.  Who do you know that can help you?  Do you have someone with planning experience?  Do you know someone who does hair?  Do you know a photographer?  Once I started actually brainstorming the people in my life that I knew were somehow related to the wedding industry, I realized how many people I knew that could have a hand in my wedding!  The great thing about this is checking off vendors from your list right away!  I have a great friend that is a photographer, and I know girls from high school who run a family bridal boutique, my Mary Kay director is a makeup artist, and my hair dresser travels and does weddings, I even have a friend that sells jewelry!  When I really thought about it, I had a huge number of vendors that I could already check off my list.  This relieved a lot of stress when it came to attending bridal shows, since I was able to focus on only a few key vendors such as cake and floral.  Not to mention, I'm all about giving friends my business!

As soon as I was engaged, my photographer told me to register on the and she was definitely right!  I've noticed there are lots of websites out there to help with weddings but it seems like the people at The Knot have done it correctly.  You can shop for vendors in your area, shop for everything from your dress to bridesmaid details, as well as utilize tools like their reminder emails, checklists and website builder.

3. Wedding Planning Binders & Books
It's really great having technology and the ability to access websites everywhere we go.  But some people may forget that having a physical place to keep your wedding ideas and info is SO important.  There are lots of choices out there... I actually refrained from buying one right away, because it's often given as an engagement gift nowadays, and yep, I received The Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer in the mail from my future sister-in-law.  In the end, it really seemed to be the only binder I needed!  I did purchase one book on my own and that was The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings.  Binders and books like these keep you organized but also have tons of checklists and guides for everything you need!  I might feel like a student again, carrying around my bag of books everywhere I go, but it has been so helpful!

4. Etsy and Pinterest
These tips are probably pretty self-explanatory.  These have been the two greatest inspiration websites in all of my planning.  Pinterest is great for ideas of decor.  This was the most helpful tool when meeting with my floral designer and expressing to her exactly the look I wanted.  It's also fabulous for things like cakes and photography ideas.  Etsy is fabulous for shopping for handmade items and detailed touches.  I have utilized it for things like Save-the-Date cards, invitations, cake toppers and handmade decor details for the reception.

5. Posh Bridal Show
Now, I could just recommend going to any and all bridal shows... and there's nothing wrong with that!  The more shows you attend, the more vendors you'll meet and I'm sure the more ideas you'll get.  But you'll also experience more calls from vendors following up than you may enjoy.  I was lucky enough to run across a local Bridal Show that does it differently.  My first bridal show I attended was the Posh Bridal Show in Fort Worth.  Posh shows are local here in North Texas and they travel to different parts of the metroplex every few months.  I didn't realize at first how different they were until I attended another show a few months later.  Posh Bridal Shows are a boutique-style show, with limited vendors.  Many bridal shows are completely overwhelming; there's dozens of vendors, all trying to grab your attention with prize wheels and deals.  Posh is different.  It was much more relaxed and, in my opinion, tastefully done.  Each vendor was amazing and friendly and you really get to go in depth with them on info.  I really appreciated the controlled environment and the classy feel of the event as opposed to mass chaos that can happen elsewhere.  This show is where I met my floral designer!  And not going to lie, I did enjoy the show a lot considering I ended up being the grand prize winner and receiving a gift from every vendor!  But despite the free stuff, I'd still recommend it as the best bridal show I attended!  I highly recommend shopping around for a smaller, more boutique-style event like this!  You'll surely get more accomplished and walk away feeling informed instead of more confused.

Wedding planning is a little crazy and can be completely overwhelming.  If you're not hiring a planner and doing everything yourself, like me, you need to be organized from day one and you most certainly need to utilize tools like these!  This is what I have found most helpful, and hopefully newly engaged women out there will find me helpful!  Happy planning, y'all!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I Wore: Omni Winter Ball

I had a great time dressing up to go to the Omni Fort Worth's Winter Ball the other night!  This was Chris' first corporate event since starting work at the hotel a few months ago.  The food was delish and the event as a whole was a ton of fun! 

I purchased this dress on clearance at Kohls, right after Christmas.  What an amazing find!  As if I didn't have enough LC in my closet already... love her!  My favorite thing about this lace LBD is that I know I can style it for multiple seasons and occasions.  Adding some tights makes it winter- appropriate, but I can't wait to style it for spring!  This was a great basic addition to my closet, for less than $30!

Outfit Details (click thumbnails below for links*):
1. Chloe + Isabel hair pins
2. LC Lauren Conrad Lace Fit & Flare Dress
3. Chloe + Isabel art deco earrings
4. Mary Kay at Play Baked Eye Trio in "On the Horizon"
5. Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Pink Cherie
6. Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia
7. Mary Kay TimeWise Liquid Foundation in Beige 1 & Mineral Powder Foundation in Ivory 2
8. Mary Kay Dance to Life perfume
9. Apt 9 tights (similar shown below)
10. Moda black peep-toe pumps (similar shown below)
What I Wore: Omni Winter Ball

*Note: Mary Kay and Chloe + Isabel items are sold through independent consultants and merchandisers.  I am recommending specific shops, so please shop for the Mary Kay items from my website and shop for the Chloe + Isabel items from my friend Kelly Williams' boutique.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Today we're talking fitness!! I sit on my sofa, recovering from yesterday's workouts! Haha no, not really... I'm not THAT bad but I will say I'm feeling it today!

Yesterday morning marked the kickoff of a citywide challenge in Fort Worth called the Fit Worth 10-Week Wellness Challenge.  Mayor Betsy Price was in attendance, as well as Dallas Cowboy DeMarcus Ware.  After a brief talk about the challenge, Mayor Price passed the mic to Mr. Ware, who spoke about the importance of keeping children active.  We then participated in a 15 minute walk around Burnett Park.

The 10-Week Challenge will officially begin on January 27.  Anyone and everyone in Fort Worth can participate! It's as simple as signing up on the website and logging your minutes of exercise.  I've honestly never really been one to jump on the bandwagon with things like this, but I really appreciate any and all efforts to get people up off their booties and enjoying exercise in this beautiful city!  We are blessed with numerous outdoor trails, parks, bike paths and friendly neighborhoods that are begging for us to put down our technology and just enjoy some simple exercise!  So I've decided to challenge myself to stay active and be a part of this movement!

If you'd love to join the challenge, you can read all about it and sign up HERE! If you'd like to go the extra mile (yes pun intended haa), you can form a team and enjoy lots of extra perks.  But let me emphasize that teams are not necessary and any individual can sign up for free to participate.
...I still haven't figured out the whole Des Moines, Iowa challenging us (what's your beef, Des Moines?!) but hey, a challenge is a challenge and I'm pretty sure Fort Worth, TX can beat them! Let's do this!

Special thank you to Luke's Locker and all the other Fort Worth local sponsors! Loving our freebies and can't wait to come shop with our coupon!

Now, back to me being sore... no, the 15 minute walk didn't do it to me... that would be really sad.  What did kick my butt a little was my trip to the gym last night.  For those that don't already know, I'm engaged to a Marine Scout Sniper and Marine Raider, and last night was one of our very first intense workouts together.  Well, intense for me.  Now, there are some major perks to having a Marine Raider in your life such as feeling safe all the time and hearing amazing stories about stuff you only see in movies... well, another perk is knowing that you're with someone that really knows how to kick it in high gear when it comes to workouts.  On the other hand, this can also be a con :-)

I've always wanted to be with someone that would motivate me more in the workout department.  So true to form, God gave me exactly what I asked for... only 1,000 times better (What an amazing God!)  I literally have a personal trainer living in my home and I have not taken full advantage of that.  Because it can be motivating but also very intimidating.  I used to play competitive soccer, I used to be active every day and I used to be in pretty good shape.  But that was in high school... and now I'm 30... and it's almost embarrassing how easily I can get tired now.  So the idea of going into the gym with Chris can be daunting.  I don't want him to think I'm weak... I don't want him to think I'm not serious when I crack jokes during workouts (because I have to... if I'm not laughing a little and making fun of myself during a workout then it doesn't really work for me)... I just don't want to be embarrassed in front of my love!  It's one thing when you're paying a trainer... it's another thing when you're about to marry your trainer! haha

But like all fear, my worries and doubts were pretty much pointless.  Chris was extremely encouraging and positive towards me.  He helped me with sit ups when I couldn't get up anymore and he gave me great advice on movements and weights that I've never done.  And overall it was such a positive experience that I'm actually excited to go back!  Plus, it's pretty encouraging to actually feel results after one day.  (I fully intend to share some specific workout tips in the future! Stay tuned!)

photo from Downtown Fort Worth facebook
So I guess the lesson is this... no matter what shape you're in, no matter how embarrassed you may be with what you can or cannot do... there are always people out there that will support you and cheer you on, just for trying your hardest.  That's a hard lesson for me.  I tend to not try when I know I won't be the best at something.  But I'm slowly learning to be vulnerable and honest.  I could have sat at home and wished that I had gone to the FitWorth event and I could have sat at home while Chris went to the gym by himself.  But I'm making intentional decisions to participate and do what I can.  That's the only way I'll get better... little by little.

So my challenge to everyone is to just go do something!  Walk around the block, walk up and down your hallways or stairs, go for a jog before dinner, take your dog to the park, sign up for the FitWorth challenge, start a challenge in your city or neighborhood, do some squats in front of your TV during your weekly shows... whatever!  If I can make myself do it, I promise anyone can.  Once you start walking, you may look behind you to see a whole movement!  
photo from Downtown Fort Worth facebook

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winning!! FWHAT Launch tonight!

Just in case it isn't abundantly clear how much I love the city of Fort Worth... today we're talking local love!  

If you don't live in Fort Worth, it's pretty easy to get the impression that we're all still living in the old west, riding horses in our wranglers, visiting our saloons. HA! But to those of us that live here, and have lived here for years, that's not exactly the whole story.  I won't tell you you'll never see someone riding a horse down the street, because frankly yes, that does happen... I mean, we still embrace our cowboy heritage.  But the best thing about Fort Worth, in my opinion, is the balance between history and vision.  Each day in this city is filled with reminders of what once was, as well as an exciting, young energy of what is to come.

Six years ago I purchased a condo in downtown Fort Worth, and I've been having a love affair with this city ever since.  This city has brought out a passion in me that I honestly didn't tap into before... photography.  There's something about Fort Worth that begs you to experience it on foot.  Our downtown is not huge, but it is intricate.  You can zip by in your car and easily miss one of the most beautiful cities around with a very interesting history.  My favorite hobby over the last few years has been simply walking around, exploring and taking pictures.

Enter, my passion for photography... which I didn't know that I had, but has now become a huge part of my life.  Just like bigger cities, Fort Worth has an amazing community of passionate people who love to photograph and share.  I've become very involved with Instagram local communities and I've entered many contests with my original photos.  Some contests offer prizes, but mostly, it's just the recognition from your fellow photographers, and the love of the city that drives you.  

I discovered a few months back that the photographers and photos I was competing with are actual professionals... you know, with fancy cameras and editing software at home, etc.  So you can imagine how amazing I feel and how encouraged I am over my talent, considering my cell phone photographs are competing and gaining attention!  

I don't have a fancy camera (yet) and I don't edit my photos... what I do have is a passion and love for this city! I have a photographer's eye and an ability to capture moments.  And it's been one of my best discoveries of talent!  And I do believe that it shows in my work.

So, with confidence comes more contests.  Last fall I entered an Instagram photo contest through the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.  It gave participants an opportunity to submit photos for a numerous categories and was designed to showcase Fort Worth in a variety of ways.  I found out before Christmas that I was chosen as a WINNER in the Neighborhoods category for a shot I took of the historic Fairmount District.  I was actually shocked at first, considering how many amazing photographers there are in the area.  What an amazing honor! And tonight, I am an invited guest to the FWHAT Launch Party to be announced as one of the winners!  

It has been amazing to see this city rally behind it's young adults and embrace the social and online communities.  The vision of this city is constantly evolving, and Fort Worth has big plans!  If you're not a downtown resident, you may not even realize this! But thanks to an amazing organization called Vision Fort Worth, this city has dedicated a great deal of time to making sure young professionals know about Fort Worth, beyond the typical cowboy stereotypes. The FWHAT website will provide young professionals with information on our great city and help us all to stay connected.  I'm  proud to be a part of the beginning stages of this process!

I will be in attendance tonight at the FWHAT Launch Party, at the Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth.  If you're a young professional, come check it out!  Or if you're just curious about the project!  Let's support our city and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, as they work hard to support us!
For more information on what FWHAT is, read here! Hope to see you tonight!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Hour at Home

Chris thinks I'm kind of strange for making food platters for myself, but I say food always tastes better when it's presented nicely!  It's a quiet evening at home for us... I'm battling a sinus infection that seems to be spreading throughout my head (bubbly is good for that, right?!) and Chris is relaxing after many long days of work and wedding planning.  

So here's a few tiny little at-home pleasures we're enjoying this evening... Champagne Flutes via West Elm (old); Houdini Wine Preserver; Salty Caramel candle via Bath & Body Works; Lamarca Prosecco via Target


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rad plaid

Yesterday was full of wedding planning! I wanted to be comfy, cute and warm. Since my jeans, boots and shirt left me feeling a little on the lumberjack side, I made sure to add some super glam jewelry!

Outfit details: Plaid shirt via Lucky Brand // Necklace via Mary Kay (exclusive to consultants) // Bracelet via Chloe + Isabel // 2014 Planner via Target // Cream sweater vest via Kohls

Monday, January 6, 2014

Makeup Monday

Happy first Monday of the new year! I'm starting out Makeup Monday with some fun, festive color to celebrate 2014. I've mixed and matched 2 different Mary Kay at Play™ color trios because I felt like using blue and purple. On the blue pallet, I only used the middle, lighter blue color. And on the purple pallet, I used the middle light golden color and the far right red-purple color. Even with crazy color, you always want to pick 3 tones- a light color, a medium shade and an accent shade. In this case, my medium shade was the blue and accent was the purple.

First, start with an eye primer.  I recommend Mary Kay's Eye Primer. This will allow you to use less eye shadow, but have more intense color that will last longer. Then, with the lightest eye shadow shade, cover your entire eyelid, going up over the brow bone all the way to under your eye brow. With the medium tone, add color starting in the outside corner of your eyelid, coming in about half way on your eyelid, and up slightly into the crease. (If you have a hooded eyelid like me, carry your medium tone up onto the brow bone, slightly higher than the bone. This will allow the color to be seen with your eyes open, even with a little extra eyelid skin. Don't worry, lots of us have it!) Then add your darkest accent color in the outside corners only. Since my darkest accent was purple, and I have green eyes, I used more purple than blue and I also carried the purple higher on my brow bone. This way the purple dominates more than the blue and makes my green eyes still pop.

If you have brown eyes, you can really accent with any color. If you have blue eyes, use blue eye shadow sparingly.  The key to eye makeup is having fun but also making sure to use colors that will make your own eye color pop. If everything matches, your eyes will be lost and your makeup will be the first thing noticed.
Finish with a few coats of Ultimate Mascara! I love the At Play™ makeup line!! Funky, sassy colors and so affordable! I'm never bored because I'm constantly mixing and matching. What colors are you dying to try together?

Want more advice on picking the right eye shadow for your eye color? Check this out! Want to schedule your own complimentary color consultation? Contact me! 

Happy Monday and happy 2014, y'all!