Thursday, August 23, 2018

#Experiencethebalance of saranghae’s new toner

 Today’s the day! I am super excited to announce that Saranghae Skincare has a brand new TONER!  I had the exclusive opportunity to try this toner before it’s official launch to the public and I have to say how much I love it!  I have talked about the Saranghae 5 step skincare system in previous posts, but this toner now takes the system to a whole new level!
I am an oily skin girl. Always have been, although it has lessened slightly since having Kendall. I LOVE TONERS. If you have oily skin, you may be with me! Oily skin girls love the toners because they seem to suck all the extra oil out of your skin after cleansing. If you’re like me and you also wear a long lasting liquid foundation, you may also need to boost your cleanser’s makeup removing power with a toner. But toners are definitely not just for oily skin, they are for ALL skin types.