Saturday, July 7, 2018

Love saranghae Skincare

Happy weekend! Is anybody else already totally worn out from this holiday week? We mostly celebrated last weekend and or an actual fourth so I’m not sure what will be doing this weekend but I think it will be a little more low-key. I’ve been trying really hard to last few months to take better care of my skin and give myself a little love.

I was so excited when Saranghae wanted to send me their 5 step skincare routine! I don’t branch out a ton in my skin care because I have such oily, blemish-prone skin. Once I had Kendall, my hormones and skin change so much and I’ve been experimenting a little bit more.  I have never tried any Korean Beauty products and so I got really excited to try this set! Korean Beauty, or K Beauty products, focus on skincare and perfecting your skin. It is a philosophy of using innovative and more natural ingredients  to build a solid skin care routine and give you a glowing do we finish on your skin allowing you to use much less make up. In America we tend to focus on how to apply make up and hide what we see as our imperfections or contour and highlight to change the shape of her face. In Korean beauty, the focus is on your skin and less makeup.  With my oily skin, less make up I wear the better, especially in summer!

The cleanser is unlike others I’ve used in that you are supposed to spread it on your face without water at first. This definitely took some getting used to for me, but I see the benefit in it helping you breakdown and remove your makeup. Once you’ve covered your face and rubbed gently, you can add a little water and start foaming the cleanser. When you look closely you’ll see the flecks of gold in the cleanser! Yes legit real gold! There’s also truffle extract! You’ll notice that there are so many great ingredients in all of these products!

Saranghae skincare is 100% cruelty free and it’s vegan!  I can really tell the quality of the products and he potency of the ingredients.  The Essence and Serum penetrates your skin and delivers antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. The Regeneration Cream is thick and creamy and feels so luxurious.
I have to say I think my favorite product is the Focus Renewal Eye Cream.  I was taught to start using eye creams in my 20s and I do believe it is helped me. I played soccer my entire childhood and I was outside a lot and squinting my eyes constantly. I definitely have crows feet… Unfortunately! 
LOL. And I’ve been pretty loyal to some eye creams in the past. But once I tried this one, I seriously saw a quick improvement and a softening of the lines around my eyes.  In one month I saw more dramatic results from the Saranghae Eye Cream than I have from years’ use of other eye creams. 
Overall I’ve loved trying this set and I’ve seen some great results!  It feels like an extremely luxurious line and it pampers your skin. Of course I’d recommend trying the entire 5 step routine, but you can also try the products individually. You can also become a VIP and you’ll receive discounts and your skincare can be sent to you on a regular schedule that you choose. Shop all the Saranghae products here

As always, all opinions are my own and all product reviews are 100% honest. Thank you so much to Saranghae Skincare for gifting me this set!

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