Friday, August 29, 2014

fall trends with neiman marcus: part 1

Hey y'all!  I'm back!!  My sincere apologies that I've been a little lacking in the social media department the last two weeks!  We've had a ton of things going on lately and I needed to take a little break to concentrate on family.  And now I'm getting back into my normal routine! 

I've had the pleasure of attending some great fall fashion events recently at Neiman Marcus Fort Worth and wanted to share some pictures and trends with you!  This will be part 1 of my fall trends post!  This was a fabulous blogger event with sips and bites and a style chat with two absolutely amazing bloggers, Lauren Murphy of Murphy's Law and Samantha Stewart of Style of Sam.  It was so awesome to share the same space as these talented ladies and to hear them personally talk about their favorite trends and how to wear them!  

There are multiple fall trends (see below) but there are a few trends that this event focused on and they can be summed up in three simple G's... Gray, Green and Global!  Lauren and Sam both dressed a mannequin to suit a fall trend and I loved their picks and style!  Check them out!  

Global Chic was the trend that Lauren Murphy chose to cover.  It was a fun mix of patterns, colors and textures with super bold and edgy accessories! 
I want these boots!!

Sam tackled the gray trend and I love how she styled this outfit!  You can also see a touch of green and global influence in this outfit too! 

Again, the boots!!!
I really love laid back events like this where you have a chance to see the clothing up close and mix and mingle!  There was fun music from DJ Sober...
... yummy passed appetizers...
...and of course, fabulous drinks.  The mojito was delicious!
After some mixing and mingling, Sam and Lauren sat down for a Style Chat.
It was fantastic hearing both of these ladies speak!  I loved hearing about why they started their blogs and their favorite trends of the season!

Ok, back to the clothing...
Gray + touches of global with the patterned scarf and green earrings
When wearing gray head to toe, make sure to mix up your prints, patterns and textures!
Fringe fringe everywhere!  Check out these sassy heels!
Now would be a great time to invest in a fabulous gray handbag!  Mix in the Global Chic trend by adding small accessories like a patterned scarf and rough stone jewelry!
Browsing the store, I definitely saw 50 shades of gray... or more!  This is for sure the neutral of the season!!
Oh just sippin' and shoppin'... ignore my weird flat hair... seriously, what is that?  *sigh*
The Neiman Marcus Fall Trend List includes: Gray, Global Chic, Knit Dressing, Outgoing Outerwear, Greens, Trousers, The Clutch, The Year-Round Bootie, Statement Necklaces and Shimmer Time.  I will be touching on all of these trends in the coming weeks!
Please just give me everything in this picture!!! ...including those booties!
Gray may be the neutral of the season but the pop of color we'll all be after is GREEN!  I loved this fun display of green candy!! We were all able to fill our bags with fun goodies... unnecessary but yummy!
I really loved this display of green.  This darker green leather is really a classy and sophisticated way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe!  We will be seeing all shades of green this fall in a variety of fabrics and designs.
My candy haul!!  ... and then there were free popsicles from Steel City Pops!  I've heard so many good things about this place and I've been wanting to try it!  Thank you guys for the free treats!
Overall it was a fantastic night out!  Neiman Marcus never disappoints! 
Thank you to Neiman Marcus for another amazing event!!  And thank you to Samantha Stewart and Lauren Murphy for sharing your fashion expertise with us!  I can't wait for fall!