Tuesday, August 5, 2014

date night recap

I wanted to take a moment to recap part of my weekend and relive some of the amazing fun I had while enjoying my funky city!  It's funny that even though I've been in Fort Worth for 12 years now, there are still SO many things I haven't done.  That's what's amazing about this city... so much to explore, so many events to attend, so many museums and cultural activities!  It never ends and I love that.  

This weekend was full of firsts for me!  Friday morning I had the privilege of taking in the views of Fort Worth from the rooftop of the Omni Hotel.  It's the second highest building in downtown so I felt like I was on top of the world!
I also felt like I was in a wind tunnel!  (Had to share this pic... it's too funny looking not to)  Hair outtake number twenty:
I'm in love with these Bandana Leggings from The Style Club!  I really feel like my outfit for the day was a fun reflection of Fort Worth... a tad modern and bright with a nod to the traditional cowboy feel!  
(I like how it always seems overcast and you think you don't need sunglasses, then you look at pictures later and realize you were squinting the whole time...)

On Friday evening, I convinced Chris to go to an event with me that I've always been curious about- First Fridays at the Modern.  Art, cocktails, jazz... all great things in my sassy world!  But all of these years and I'd still never been!  Why?  To be honest, modern art... not my thing.  It really annoys me that someone can paint a rectangle on a canvas and call it a masterpiece.  So usually modern art museums just aren't on the top of my to-do list.  I have a mother who is an artist... like really, that's what she studied and she has an amazing talent for drawing and painting true-to-life works.  So I have always had an appreciation for art and an opinion on what I believe is art.  I know what takes time and talent and I know what takes a "crazy idea" stretched as art... sorry but I'm not sorry!

So yes, I was skeptical about this event, but still wanted to check it out.  So off to the Modern we went... another first... check!
The jazz music and the cocktails were right on point.  We also enjoyed free chips and salsa.  Since we had never been, we had a lot of questions about touring the museum.  The staff and everyone from the museum that we encountered was SO nice and helpful.

The one thing that we really didn't enjoy was the attitude of some of the other patrons.  I realize there are many museum members that are regulars, but it's also an open event to the public... so I was a little taken aback that Chris and I seemed to be eyed up and down throughout the entire event.  There really was a vibe of high school clicks among the older crowd and it weirded me out.  

Chris and I planned this as a date night, so true to myself, I got dressed up.  Not super dressed up, but yes, I opted for a cocktail dress and heels.  And in my opinion, it was a rather casual cocktail dress considering it's cotton jersey material and bold striped color.  But I did end up being one of the very few women in a dress and perhaps the only one in 4-inch heels.  But whatever, this was my first stop of the night!  And I like looking cute!  I don't know if it was the clothing I was wearing or the fact that I was a complete newbie to this event, but I feel like I got looks.
But truth be told, I was kind of happy about it and it just made me laugh.  Maybe this event needs to be shaken up a little bit... maybe some younger crowds and younger fashion need to be introduced.  Maybe ladies liked my dress but would never dare to admit it... I really don't know.  But I don't really care either.  And that's something that has taken me awhile to finally get.  Fashion and style is what makes you happy.  This dress made me happy and made my husband look at me with that look... you know ladies... like he's a predator in the jungle, locked on his target.  

My style is dressing up for art museums.  Cocktails and live music?  To me, that's an occasion to look super cute!  So while I may have been slightly overdressed, I don't really see anything wrong with that. 

On to the museum itself...

The architecture... yes... love it.  The Modern really is a masterpiece in design and with a background in  architecture and interior design, you better believe I enjoyed exploring the space.  
Another really cool thing about this museum is the fact that The Modern owns the majority of the art pieces on display, and they give you permission to photograph them.  So as we wandered, I did photograph my favorites (which were few and far between... sorry... being honest)
This landscape piece was truly amazing.  From a distance, it looks like a photograph.  But upon closer inspection, you realize it is painted.  Now this is art!  This takes amazing talent and time.  I couldn't believe how real it looked.
I was super surprised to see Marilyn!  I didn't know she was here in Fort Worth!  Learn something new every day! 
Oh heeeyyyyy girl ;-)  Pop art I can usually do, because I love the bright colors. 

Moving on to some weird stuff that I thought was photograph worthy... Not going to lie, I didn't have the patience to sit and watch this piece long enough to find out what it had to say.  But it was something about society being brainwashed sheep or something... I think... 
Can't say I don't agree... but let's be honest, I was more interested in the blue glow and the cool effect of the words falling into the water...
Come on, that's cool looking...

Ok, by now, yes my feet were hurting.  But seriously, these Guess heels are so pretty!
And these earrings were a nice contrast to the dress, I think.
After The Modern, we headed to dinner.  I'm super picky with food and Chris usually never picks the restaurant, so I really wanted to give him choice.  He was craving sushi.  Son of a... I don't eat seafood.  Yeah, so I'm the lame ass that had to tell her husband that he better pick a place with chicken teriyaki on the menu!

I love my downtown so we headed back there.  Piranha Killer Sushi was our final choice because guess what?  I had never been there!  Are you starting to see the theme for our night?  I was feeling saucy so I ordered a cosmo... I used to drink these a lot and then for some reason I went off cocktails for awhile and just drank beer and wine.  After the first sip I was reminded why I love them.  Classic  pink cocktail... I will always love you.
Leave it to my husband to always take an awkward picture of me in the middle of eating.  
So I did order the chicken teriyaki but turns out I liked some of the sushi better!  Oh my how my tastes have changed the last few years!  I ordered some veggie sushi but then once I tasted some of Chris', I wanted to eat his!  I honestly don't know what he ordered but it had salmon... which I've had before but isn't something I eat on a regular basis.  Lesson learned: listen to the man who spent a lot of time in Korea in the Marines and knows what the hell he's talking about.  Next time I'm just getting sushi!

Overall it was a really great night.  There's nothing I enjoy more than time with my husband.  I'm so madly in love with him, it's crazy!  And I love that he's always willing to do things that I want and take me places I've never been.  I tend to be a creature of habit... same restaurants, same order, same drinks... but he isn't, and I love that about him.

The last picture I'm sharing is from The Modern.  This was my favorite art piece of the whole museum. It's weird and I'm not really sure what's going on, but I love the color and the graphic quality it has.  A little neon paint can go a long way.  
What a fun weekend in my beloved city!  Fort Worth has something new for me to experience all the time.  

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