Friday, October 7, 2016

baby bump + the big day!

Today is a BIG day!  A day that I haven’t shared with anyone except family and close friends so far.  Today we will meet our baby girl because I have a scheduled
c-section.  Let me first share that this was not at all my plan.  But isn’t that life?... you plan and plan and try to make educated decisions about what’s best for you and then wham bam, God says HE knows what’s best, not you.

I am currently a few days short of 40 weeks.  At 37 weeks I learned that my baby girl was in a breech position, after already spending a few weeks head-down.  I have no idea why she decided to turn around again, but she did and she is apparently staying put (stubborn little bugger!)  Because of a small issue I have with the umbilical cord, it’s not safe for the doctor to try to turn her or manipulate her in anyway.  So I was told to prepare for a scheduled c-section… you know, the type of birth I didn’t want and wasn’t my plan at all!