Monday, September 3, 2018

In the fort: Fort Worth murals, near southside #youarenear

 Good morning and happy Labor Day y’all! Hope you’re enjoying some relaxing time and finishing out your summer strong! Just want to keep today’s post short and sweet. I know that as bloggers we’re always looking for interesting places to shoot photos, and I know my fellow Fort Worth locals are always wanting to know the latest in the newest neighborhoods and hot spots... so today I want to share photos of a giant mural in the Near Southside. The biggest mural is realitively new although it’s been there as little while now. You may not have seen it but it’s right by where I used to live and it’s super close to one of the hottest areas in Fort Worth, South Main (location below pics). Make sure you look closely at this mural... there are so many iconic Fort Worth things! Can you find the panther?