Monday, August 31, 2015

gaucho pants + sparkle

Gaucho pants are back, and if you're looking to be a little more daring with your silhouette, now's the time.  As we've seen lately (especially in my Frog Chic Fashion Show post), the 70s are back.  And that doesn't just mean bell bottoms... It also means interesting wide leg pants in all sorts of shapes.  You may have worn a pair (or two, or three) of stretchy gauchos a few years back... probably with some sort of platform flip flop (guilty!).  You may have even been wearing some this past spring/summer.  This laid back, easy breezy pant was perfect for the hotter months.  But as we transition into fall, what I'm loving right now, and seeing a lot more of, is a more structured look.  The fabrics are sophisticated and it's more about the silhouette than the flow.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

the beauty of Fort Worth

When I have a stressful day or week (like I have this week), one of my favorite things to do is take a long walk.  I'm constantly discovering new places and beautiful scenery in Fort Worth.  There are places right under my nose that I am still finding for the first time.  Yesterday was a gorgeous evening and Chris and I enjoyed a 3 1/2 mile hike around downtown and along the Trinity River.  Here's a few of pictures!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

TCU frog chic: fall trends 2015

Last night I attended one of my favorite events of the year: the TCU Alumni Frog Chic Trend Event.  Hosted by Neiman Marcus Fort Worth, this event is always fabulous!  TCU alumni enjoy sips, bites and a fall fashion show highlighting the trends of the season.  I have to say, I'm obsessed with everything we're seeing for fall. UHHHbsessed (just for emphasis!)  From 70s vibes, to winter whites and multiple layers, I loved every single look.  And of course, being a TCU event, they always throw in an abundance of purples to get you in the mood for football season (go Frogs!)

Here's a handful of my photographs from the event, including every runway look.  And as if this wasn't enough pictures, I'll be putting every single photo on my facebook page later today, so you can see shots of each outfit from every angle.  As you scroll below, I'll point out a bunch of fall trends.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

london calling: thakoon for designation

"American designer Thakoon Panichgul puts a British spin on his signature feminine-tomboy style. Classic menswear shirting; mash-ups of English rose prints, checks and plaids; and three-dimensional knits are made to be mixed and layered." - Kohl's

I've been previewing the Thakoon for DesigNation collection and I'm obsessed with so much of it!  We're still sweating here in Texas, but I know some people are lucky enough to be getting close to wearing fall fashion.  So here's another Designer Collaboration to add to your wish list!  
Thakoon for DesigNation (Kohls)
I'm loving the deep blues, maroons and the various checks and plaids, mixed with florals!  Everything is so chic.  The High Street Kensington Floral Fit & Flare Dress and Ribbed Mockneck Capelet is probably my favorite look.  

This collection is launching September 10 and you can preview everything HERE.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rolls royce wraith 'inspired by'

Last week my my husband and I attended an event in Dallas that was truly spectacular.  I may not know much about the ins and outs of cars, but I know absolute luxury when I see it!  Thanks to FGI Dallas and Rolls Royce Motorcars, we were able to experience the epitome of luxury firsthand.  This was the ultimate event for me and Chris... cars meet fashion... and we were certainly WOWed.

Today I'm sharing my pictures from the event.  I do apologize that I only have cell phone pictures but I was more focused on enjoying the event than being a member of the media.  The cars were shiny and the lights were bright, so yeah.  But truthfully, nothing can take away from the beauty of these babies... even a few glare spots.  We had the pleasure of seeing two cars from the Rolls Royce Wraith "Inspired By" collection: Inspired By Fashion & Inspired By Film (I even sat in them and pretended for a split second that they were mine... and then I woke up!)
(both pictures from

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the perfect summer dessert

Today I'm sharing a super easy dessert recipe that is perfect for summer.  In my family, we simply call this "the green stuff".  But I guess the official name is Pistachio Nut Dessert.  It is only 6 ingredients and it's so yummy and light, so it won't make you feel ridiculously full.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dreaming of fall + Tory Burch private sale

This heat is really getting to me!  You'd think I'd be used to it after living in Texas for 28 years, 13 of which were in Houston... but no, I don't think there's ever a real getting used to it point.  This week has been ridiculous in DFW and chances are if you live around here, you've been staying inside as much as possible.

I ventured to the mall on Sunday for about .5 seconds to pick up a wedding shower gift.  That's seriously about all I could take... in one store, grab the gift at customer service that I purchased online, and out the door.  Between the horrific heat and the ridiculous crowds for tax-free weekend, I'm starting to lean more to online shopping.  I've never been one for online shopping.  I like the experience of being in the store, trying on the clothes (seriously, everything fits funny on me, I am NOT a one-size, click-it and know it'll fit kind of girl).  But this summer I'm really starting to appreciate the appeal of online shopping (does that mean I'm getting old?!)

Many times I turn to other bloggers for sale alerts because I'll be honest, I'm not always the best at it.

Monday, August 10, 2015


It's August.  It's hot.  Like really hot.  Hotter than July.  Welcome to Texas. 

Lately I've been doing my best to stay cool.  But I've also been trying to spend a lot of time with my husband lately.  A year and a half into our marriage and we're already seeing the work that goes into a marriage.  Hey, it's life.  And life can get hectic with him working a lot and me still kinda trying to figure out what the hell I am, or what I do *sigh*  So when you combine the heat with us looking for interesting ways to spend time together (besides plopping ourselves in front of Netflix), you get lot of meals out, swimming and air conditioned activities.  

Chris took a few days off at the end of July, and while I was sure he'd want to sleep as much as possible and lounge around in PJs, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he actually wanted to go out and explore this lovely town of Fort Worth we call home.  I've lived here since 2002 and he's been here a few years now, and there are still so many things we haven't experienced at all, or at least together.  So we took a few days to explore museums and a few restaurants we'd never been to.