Monday, August 10, 2015


It's August.  It's hot.  Like really hot.  Hotter than July.  Welcome to Texas. 

Lately I've been doing my best to stay cool.  But I've also been trying to spend a lot of time with my husband lately.  A year and a half into our marriage and we're already seeing the work that goes into a marriage.  Hey, it's life.  And life can get hectic with him working a lot and me still kinda trying to figure out what the hell I am, or what I do *sigh*  So when you combine the heat with us looking for interesting ways to spend time together (besides plopping ourselves in front of Netflix), you get lot of meals out, swimming and air conditioned activities.  

Chris took a few days off at the end of July, and while I was sure he'd want to sleep as much as possible and lounge around in PJs, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he actually wanted to go out and explore this lovely town of Fort Worth we call home.  I've lived here since 2002 and he's been here a few years now, and there are still so many things we haven't experienced at all, or at least together.  So we took a few days to explore museums and a few restaurants we'd never been to.

This is the way to brave the heat.  Seriously.  With someone else paying the A/C bill and you just paying admission.  So I thought I'd dedicate today's post to just "what I've been up to lately".
(side note: Joining a blogging group has been on my radar lately, but I'm too afraid because I haven't been consistent enough with my posts!  So just know that I'm working on that...  I so want to meet more bloggers and join a community of people that love doing what I do  #goals)

I didn't take my fancy camera anywhere.  And I'm not going to lie, I did my absolute best to stay off my phone and NOT take 5 million pictures of everything we did and ate.  I mean, this is what I do and I love it.  I love sharing my daily life.  But I think I'm coming to the realization, along with the rest of the world lately, that sometimes you just have to STOP.  You can't document every little thing in perfectly posed pictures.  And if you do, you're probably annoying the crap out of your loved ones.  I know I annoy Chris sometimes with my "wait, don't eat until I take a picture" and my "guess what time it is?! Time for a selfie!" moments :-)  And all I can say is, I'm working on it.  

That, of course, doesn't mean I didn't take any pictures.  So here's a few unedited, cell phone pictures because I'm keepin' it real.  First stop, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  We walked through all of the exhibits, we went to the planetarium and we saw/rode this thing (below) about the Barnett Shale.
I mean, did you know they have a 3-D "ride" thing.  It was seriously cool!  It was like an underwater adventure and at the same time, taught you about the Barnett Shale.  If you've ever been to Universal Studios or another amusement park with a 3-D show where the seats move and there's effects like water squirting and air blowing on you to make you feel like you're experiencing what you're seeing... yeah... it was like that!  It was the last thing we did before leaving so it was a really fun ending to our museum visit.  And considering it was all about geology and natural gas, etc, I felt right at home (my dad is a retired geologist).

There are a lot of exhibits for kids at this museum.  Just about everything is interactive and it was actually really nice seeing kids playing and learning on something other than an iphone or ipad.  All I kept thinking was it was so cool and I would totally bring my (future) kids there.  And seriously, we had a blast playing with a lot of stuff too.  I mean, there's a giant light bright for goodness sake! 
I saw this chair outside as we were leaving and thought it was awesome.  Like I want one.  In my house.  Someday :-)
And we posed in front of Dr. Seuss characters before leaving also.  Because who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?!

The following day we visited the Kimbell Art Museum.  I've been here before (prior to the Piano Pavilion addition) and Chris had never been.  Their permanent collection is free admission so we checked that out and also walked the entire Piano Pavilion.  You can see their current exhibits HERE.  I didn't take any pictures of anything.  Go me!  So you'll just have to go enjoy it for yourself!  I did, however, make Chris take one picture of my outfit.  I mean, #ootd #styleblogger ;-)
Whether Chris is working or not, our summer weeks usually always include tubing the Trinity on Thursday.  It's a free concert, people!!  You can rent tubes or bring your own.  We purchased this one at the beginning of the summer.  It's seriously the way to go.  No tying tubes together AND it has a cooler and an extra little spot for your stuff (we use it for our flip flops).  If you float as much as we do, it's worth the $35 investment.  

If you follow my Instagram, you probably know that I love to dine out.  You can also follow me on Zomato!  Fresco's Mexican has been a frequent brunch spot for us lately.  
We always enjoy Thai takeout from our favorite place downtown, Tie Thai (and yes, this night included some Netflix)
We're on a mission to try new places downtown... I am so that girl that goes to the same places and orders the same exact thing.  So date nights are perfect for new spots.  Our most recent was Vivo 53.  You can see more pictures and read my review on Zomato HERE.  

Well, that's just a taste of what we've/I've been up to lately.  You really can't ever get bored in a city like Fort Worth.  It's like no matter how long I've been here, I can't possibly keep up with all of the fun things to do and see.  *I smell a Fort Worth bucket list post coming up*

And speaking of future posts... Chris and I had a blast at another event recently that I'm previewing with this following picture.  BUT, I will be dedicating an entire post to this, so it's just one picture! :-)
Car shopping, you say?  HA!  I wish!  

Until next time y'all!  Hope your week is starting out FABULOUS!

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