Friday, April 24, 2015

my wedding: 20s inspiration

Tomorrow I will be attending a charity event in Dallas with a 1920s theme and I'm super excited!  This is my favorite era... my hubby's too... so I'm looking forward to dressing up and dancing to some jazzy tunes!!

This morning is drizzling rain and I've been cuddled up in my robe with my donuts and coffee, searching instagram and pinterest for 20s hairstyles and inspiration... it has inspired me to do a wedding post!  So today I'm reliving some of my 20s inspired wedding {March 15, 2014}  Enjoy! 

All photographs by Darmon's Photography!

(and please, as always, do not copy photos without permission! I'm happy to share, just contact me and let me know how you'd like to use them! thank you!)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Vidalias Southern Cuisine Fort Worth

Two giant storms hit this weekend... One actual thunderstorm through all of Texas and the other..? The Lily Pulitzer for Target collection. If you haven't already had your Instagram and twitter (and probably Facebook) feeds inundated with Lilly love, you must not follow as many fashionistas as me ;-)

I can't say I'm as excited for this collab as others in the past... I still can't figure out why I'm not more of a Lilly fan... I love bright colors, I love feminine and classic and I love the beach. But there's something about many of the patterns and cuts that I find childish. Sorry! I feel like it looks good on others and perhaps just not me. Like when I look at a fave blogger Kate from A Lone Star State of Southern, who wears a lot of Lilly, I think dang she looks adorable!!! And then I don't feel the same for myself. Meh.  But with patterns being so hot right now, and the weather getting hotter, perhaps I'll take a closer look at this collection... That is if there's anything left!!

I worried more about the actual thunderstorm that hit Fort Worth Saturday while I wasn't home. I hate that!! As much as I love my crazy little life of picking up and taking off around Texas, sometimes it's so frustrating just not being home. I assume if my building had been hit by a tornadoand I were now homeless I would have heard it by now lol but still, it'd be nice to check on everything myself. 

This is been a busy week, mostly full of work and manual labor (hey, I'm little but tough!!) And despite being in Austin during Austin Fashion Week, nothing I did was fashionable haha. Instead, I'm working on a remodel and reno to get a great house on the market. So here's a classic example of... Does Cassie work in fashion? Or Interior Design? Or what? Yeah, I just do everything. That's the easiest answer. I love it all and who cares if I have multiple job titles!! So you may have noticed that there hasn't been a whole lot of cute outfit posts on my Instagram this week, mostly just casual stuff. (P.S. did you see my adorable Wifey T-shirt?? I know lots of newbie wifeys that should check it out!).

After all this hard work (my body hurts!) I'm laughing at myself and how different my days are... One week ago I was living the good life in Fort Wostarterhis Saturday I spent the day not sleeping, sweating, stepping in dog poop, moving furniture and boxes and barely eating (bloggers' lives are SO fabulous, just like everyone thinks lol)  Today I want to reminisce about my delicious steak dinner and how I ended the Main Street weekend! 

Main Street Arts Festival came to an end for me and the hubby with a fabulous dinner at Vidalias Southern Cuisine inside the Renaissance Worthing Hotel in downtown Fort Worth.  Sunday night at 9:00 was obviously a weird time to dine, but I was thrilled that the restaurant was open that late on Sunday! I can't think of another steakhouse / fine dining restaurant in downtown that is open that late on Sunday... Anyone? This could be due to the fact that it is the hotel's only restaurant and  it mostly serves the hotel patrons.

Whatever the reason, I don't care.  It was delightful having some peace and quiet after the crowds of Main Street. I may have felt a little awkward when first arriving because I'm that person that doesn't want to show up before close and make the kitchen start up again, but Chris and I were assured that we were fine, and VERY welcome. Our server Michael was playing double duty as server and bartender (I don't remember exactly but I believe the bartender had gone home sick) and he catered to our every need! Our service was impeccable and I don't have a single complaint! I did not feel like his attention to us was sacrificed at all by tending the bar, and he even took the time to make a great red wine recommendation to me!

I asked Chris if it was crappy of me to order a filet mignon before close and he simply said, "get what you want". Well, if you know me at all... If there's filet mignon, that's what I'm getting!! And I did. :-)

After pigging out on German kettle corn all weekend and yummy catering from Capital Grille, I wasn't even hungry enough to eat a steak. So what did I do? Ordered a starter salad AND and steak, of course!! LOL! I could act like the salad was a bad decision, but it wasnt... It wasn't AT ALL. It was a delicious decision and no joke, a salad I have been craving for the last week now (I'm for real going back when I'm back in Fort Worth).

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

what's black and white and chic all over?

Uptown giiiirrrl, she's been livin' in her downtown world...
Ok y'all.  I'm sharing another fantastic outfit today from Uptown Cheapskate Fort Worth!! I'm in love with how easy it is to find such trendy pieces and how affordable they are!  Today's spring trends are aplenty: Mix, don't Match / Pattern / Fringe / Boho vibes / Wedges / Crop Tops
Once again I feel as though I'm walking around town in comfortable pajamas while looking so the opposite!  These pants are soft, lightweight and perhaps a little MC Hammerish (am I showing my age?) but totally awesome!! I love the pattern; I'm a pattern girl.  They are elastic waist and have front pockets and faux back pockets. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Main Street Eats

Today is a busy day!!  I'll be headed to Dallas in a little while for a great My Forward Life branding event.  Anytime I have to go to Dallas from Fort Worth, it can really cut into my timeline so unfortunately today's post is short and sweet.  Not to mention, I think I'm still moving a little slow this week due to my post-Main Street food como plus this super icky weather!

While I'm still finalizing my latest outfit post as well as my more detailed review of Sunday night's dinner, here's a quick (I mean quick, y'all... forgive me) look at some of the amazing foods I enjoyed the past few days! 
(downtown Fort Worth)

Dang it, now I'm hungry again!!! 

If you happen to be attending My Forward Life tonight, let me know!  This Fort Worth girl doesn't know everyone in Dallas yet, but I'd love to meet you! ;-)  Can't wait to share some great posts with you this week!  See you tomorrow for my black and white outfit!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

festival fun: kimonos and 70s vibes

I absolutely love this time of year!  The weather is finally warming up (maybe already a little too much in Texas!) and as some people put it, "festival season" is upon us.  If you live in or anywhere near a big city, especially in the south, chances are you've begun to hear about your local outdoor activities popping up... music festivals, food/beer/wine festivals, flea markets, pop-up markets, outdoor concerts... whatever!  So you may be thinking about your wardrobe and how to stay comfy and on trend for these activities.  I am too!

Here in Fort Worth, today marks the beginning of one of my absolute favorite festivals, the Main Street Arts Festival!!  This is a huge 4-day event that shuts down all of Main Street in downtown Fort Worth, allowing art vendors to set up shop.  There are also multiple stages for live music performances, tons of local food and drink tents, wine-tastings, cooking demonstrations, entertainment and more.  It's free to attend and just wander the streets and look at the art.  If you want to purchase food or drinks, you purchase coupons.  It's an extremely family-friendly event and there really is something for everything of all ages.  You can check out my outfit post from last year's festival!! 

Along with Main Street Arts Festival, there are tons of local activities that I'm already enjoying or planning to enjoy like Friday on the Green, Open Streets, Yoga in the Square, Prairie Fest, Panther Fest, Fort Worth Music Fest, Untapped Fort Worth, and of course Rockin' the River!  When summer hits, of course I'll be sweating and wearing mostly bathing suits haha.  But until then, I'm actually loving staying a little more covered.  I'm also wanting to infuse 70s vibes in basically everything I'm wearing to stay on-trend.  So while the weather is still bearable, wide-leg jeans it is!  This outfit is one of my favorites lately.  As soon as it gets too hot, I'll be swapping the jeans for cut-off jean shorts.  I also love to add a nice wedge to this outfit when possible (i.e. when I'm doing more sitting than walking!)

Friday, April 3, 2015

resale heaven

I'm in Heaven!  Resale Heaven that is!  I'm super excited to now know about this amazing source for high fashion and trends!  If you haven't heard of Uptown Cheapskate, you have to check it out!

Uptown isn't your typical resale shop.  They strive to provide you with a boutique experience on a budget!  From trendy items to high-end designer bags and clothing, you can find just about anything in this shop!  Plus, if you're a girl that likes to turn around your wardrobe often, you can sell your gently used items to them!  

I am honestly shocked at the amazing deals I found!!!  Throughout my entire shopping experience, I was finding popular retail items from Forever 21, Kohls, American Eagle, and Loft, just to name a few.  And I mean only a few of the many quality brands you love!  If you're wanting a designer label, you can easily find a variety!! Gently used handbags, shoes, clothing, etc were everywhere!  Labels like Gucci, Kate Spade, Fossil, Michael Kors, Furla and more!  I had a moment with this BCBG Suede Skirt in the dressing room!

Today I'm sharing a super cute outfit that I found entirely at Uptown Cheapskate Fort Worth!  The best part is the final price so keep scrolling to the bottom!  Whether you need a last minute outfit for Easter {they have adorable dresses!!!!} or you're just wanting a new boutique to shop, check them out!