Wednesday, April 15, 2015

what's black and white and chic all over?

Uptown giiiirrrl, she's been livin' in her downtown world...
Ok y'all.  I'm sharing another fantastic outfit today from Uptown Cheapskate Fort Worth!! I'm in love with how easy it is to find such trendy pieces and how affordable they are!  Today's spring trends are aplenty: Mix, don't Match / Pattern / Fringe / Boho vibes / Wedges / Crop Tops
Once again I feel as though I'm walking around town in comfortable pajamas while looking so the opposite!  These pants are soft, lightweight and perhaps a little MC Hammerish (am I showing my age?) but totally awesome!! I love the pattern; I'm a pattern girl.  They are elastic waist and have front pockets and faux back pockets. 

The crop top is definitely loose fitting but I'm really in love with that.  It can get seriously hot here in the summer and I love the idea of this crop carrying me though the year (I will be wearing this over bathing suits soon).  I've always been someone that likes the see-through-bra-showing look... it's not for everyone.  I completely understand that there are times it's highly inappropriate to have your undies showing :-)  My every day street style is not one of those times... take it or leave y'all!  I love this pop of blue underneath the black and white outfit.  And let's be clear, I'm only talking bra showing, nothing else haha!!

Although I'm not showing it here, another get spring trend is lacy bralets!  If you're going to have it showing, make it pretty!  Grand total below!



Black and White Striped Crop Top $5.99
Black and White Patterned Pants $13.99
Wedge Sandals $8.99 {see previous outfit post}
Spiked Hoop Earrings $3.99
Geometric Triangles Necklace $5.99
Sunglasses $6.00 {purchased as 2/$12.00 with aviators from previous post}

Grand Total: $44.95 + tax!!

Once again, all of these items are from Uptown Cheapskate Fort Worth!

*The only item not purchased there is my clutch.  It is available as a limited edition purchase through me.  I have ONE left in stock (ahhh!) and it can be purchased for $5 when you place an order of $50 or more (before tax) of Limited Edition Paradise Calling products.  Feel free to comment below or email me with questions regarding the clutch.  As always, if you already have a MK Beauty Consultant, please contact her!

Don't forget that Uptown Cheapskate has multiple locations around the country so even if you are not local to Fort Worth, you can probably find a store near you!  Also, remember to check out their buying program where you can turn your gently used items into cash or even more in store credit!

I want to thank the staff of Uptown Fort Worth and the manager, Amber, again for a great shopping experience and all of their assistance!  This has quickly become one of my favorite shops and I receive compliments daily on the pieces I've bought!  Thank you! xoxo

 *A huge thank you to Uptown Cheapskate Fort Worth for sponsoring this post!

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