Saturday, May 31, 2014

Swim in a summer rainbow

Are you one of those girls that finds an article of clothing you love and then buys it in every color?? If you're not already, you just might be after this!  It's rare that I pick up clothing at Walmart, but I couldn't help myself in the bathing suit section the other day when Chris & I popped in quick for milk and beer (priorities people!!)
Swim in a summer rainbow
As we walked to the check out, I was sucked in by the colorful display of OP bikinis... Ah damn you, strategic placement... I totally fell for it!  I grew up wearing OP... that's ocean pacific for you non-80s chicks ;-)  I mean, I'm a TEXAS girl for sure, but I was born in Cali and there's a beach bum inside of me.  I've always loved OP and now the best part is how utterly affordable and convenient it is.  I browsed the huge selection of solid colors and ultimately settled on purple (GO FROGS! ha)
These mix-and-match pieces are only $4.66 each! YES! Seriously!  So if you're the "I have to have it in every color" girl, no problem!  

Shop all of these suits at your local Walmart (color selection varies by store) or check them out online {click icons}

Which color is your favorite? Would you mix-and-match different colors on top and bottom?  I can't wait to sport my purple!  Fun-in-the-sun for less than $10! Amazeballs!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Outfit Art

My style is pretty simple usually.  I like a lot of black and white and I really love pops of bright color!  Many times the bright color is infused throughout my outfit, but today I went black & white all over with my accessories being the only color.
 I've had this shirt for years and I honestly don't remember where I purchased it.  My guess would be Kohls or Target... just playin' the odds ;-) It's one of those super soft t-shirts that you could live in.  And I just love the graphic on the front.... a sassy lady with her handbag.  Looks like she's going shopping to me! And these pants! UH-bsessed! The houndstooth pattern gives the pants a solid look from afar and they are so comfortable and easy to dress up or down.  They are from Stein Mart.  I LOVE Stein Mart because it's like shopping boutiques but with sales and coupons and a much bigger selection.  Every time I'm wearing something extremely unique and people ask where it's from, the answer is usually Stein Mart. 
 The leather bag is Coach and it has become a staple in my wardrobe over the last year.  This bag was a  post-Christmas purchase with gift cards last year.  I went into the Coach store with the intention of buying a neutral leather bag... like black.  Everyone needs a black bag.  Well true to form, as soon as I saw the color, I was done.  This bag's color is "persimmon".  Chris makes fun of me because he called it "salmon" the other day and I corrected him.  (I mean, c'mon, NOT even close to salmon lol... MEN!) But I fell in love with this color and I debated in the store, by myself, for probably an hour.  The poor sales girls didn't know how to help me HA but I finally opted for the bright bag over black.  And surprisingly, it has served as a neutral in my wardrobe.  It just seems to go with everything! Well, except my neons! I love the mix of the orangey-red with the purple suede shoes.  The heels are Guess.
 Chris and I had a great time at our first DMA Late Night event!  It's rare for us to venture to Dallas, but we're always up for museums and free events.  It was definitely right up our alley!  Live music, drinks, food, and free art!  I think art gallery events are my favorite because they bring together all of my loves!  And I really enjoy discussing art with Chris.  We learn from each other and get to know a side of each other that doesn't come out every day.  We will definitely be going back!
P.S. THIS HAIR! How much longer can I hold out from cutting it?! I'm sweating over here! ;-)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Purple stripes & Pink roses

I feel like the plain white tank, or "wife beater" if you will, has been a huge staple in my outfits lately.  I guess when it starts getting hot in Texas, you feel the need to strip down to as little clothing as socially acceptable.  So here's the most recent outfit featuring the beloved tank!  And no, it's not some fancy $50 tank... it's Hanes and it's a men's undershirt ;-)
I was feeling colorful and eclectic in this outfit.  I like the contrast of the more dressy skirt with the casual tops.  My wedges are also denim, just a darker denim than the chambray shirt.
{full outfit details below}
{photobombed by Mr. Wilbur}
Striped Skirt: Express (old) {similar} {similar} // Bag: Old Navy (old) {similar}
Wedges: Dana Buchman {old but available via ebay} {similar} {similar}

Thursday, May 8, 2014

May flowers for fashion & home

Today, I'm all about the florals!  I have to admit, it's taken me a little while to jump at the floral trend this spring... reason?  Well, get ready for a flashback...

When I was in elementary school, I went through a black phase... as in black clothing, head to toe.  No, I was never goth or anything like that lol (can you picture that?? me either) BUT I went through a time period when I couldn't stand floral prints and I felt like everyone was trying to force them.  I significantly remember receiving a gift from family friends that was a long sleeve cotton shirt with a small floral print ALL OVER IT.  I hated it!

Even though that was just a phase, I think of it A LOT.  I remember not being happy with lots of outfits... things that I thought were too girly and just not "me".  I was kind of a tomboy... always playing outside, playing competitive soccer and keeping up with the guys.

BUT as we all know, time passes and our tastes change... things come back in style and it's a whole new ballgame when you're in your 30s.  Now I embrace the girly, the pretty, the floral, the all-over prints!  If I love flowers so much, why can't I love floral prints??

Chris and I went to the botanical gardens the other day, for the first time this year.  We strolled around for hours, admiring the spring blossoms and sunshine.  At first, we were just walking and talking.  And then of course, I had to bust out my camera... because there were just too many beautiful colors to pass up!

The flowers were gorgeous and so bold... so I started thinking about ways to incorporate floral into fashion AND home decor!  Check out these really fun spring florals!  What's your favorite item?  Shop these looks below!