Saturday, May 31, 2014

Swim in a summer rainbow

Are you one of those girls that finds an article of clothing you love and then buys it in every color?? If you're not already, you just might be after this!  It's rare that I pick up clothing at Walmart, but I couldn't help myself in the bathing suit section the other day when Chris & I popped in quick for milk and beer (priorities people!!)
Swim in a summer rainbow
As we walked to the check out, I was sucked in by the colorful display of OP bikinis... Ah damn you, strategic placement... I totally fell for it!  I grew up wearing OP... that's ocean pacific for you non-80s chicks ;-)  I mean, I'm a TEXAS girl for sure, but I was born in Cali and there's a beach bum inside of me.  I've always loved OP and now the best part is how utterly affordable and convenient it is.  I browsed the huge selection of solid colors and ultimately settled on purple (GO FROGS! ha)
These mix-and-match pieces are only $4.66 each! YES! Seriously!  So if you're the "I have to have it in every color" girl, no problem!  

Shop all of these suits at your local Walmart (color selection varies by store) or check them out online {click icons}

Which color is your favorite? Would you mix-and-match different colors on top and bottom?  I can't wait to sport my purple!  Fun-in-the-sun for less than $10! Amazeballs!

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