Thursday, May 26, 2016

baby shower goodies

I am lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time as some of my best friends!  They're all a little bit ahead of me, which is nice, so I can hear about their experiences before hitting that time myself.  I just co-hosted a baby shower for my bestie which turned out really cute.  I really love planning events but this happened to fall during my first trimester and frankly, I didn't have a ton of energy to be going all out.  So I took more of a back seat and a couple other girls did an amazing job planning a really nice shower!  

We decided to do goodie bags for the guests to take home.  At first I thought this was a little unnecessary and an added expense, but we all did our best to keep the cost down and they turned out super cute!  Today I thought I'd share what we did, in case anyone else was thinking of doing the same thing!  This would also be a cute idea for any kind of shower or a bachelorette party!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

CSF all-white party

I'm a member of Circle Seven Five, which I shared the other day.  This is a really fun social/ networking group based in Dallas that throws the most fun parties and events!!  Last week I attended an all-white party at Archer London in the Dallas Design District.  There was yummy food, bubbly (which I got to watch everyone else enjoy while I sipped my Figi water) and lots of shopping.  This fun loft space is an adorable shop with tons of beautiful clothing!  CSF even provided cute boho headpieces for all of us, and there was a braid bar and tarot card reader!  They seriously throw the best events!!

If you're a 20-30something girl in DFW and you're interested in joining, comment below with your email address and I'll send you an invite!  Hope you enjoy checking out a few photos from the event!  Also, you may have seen my fun pants on Instagram... I'm in love with them!  I've linked them below and they're only $12!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Lately I've been having a love affair with all white.  I am usually a very colorful girl... bold, bright and lots of contrast.  I have always loved black and white with pops of very bold color, whether they are rich jewel tones or vivid fluorescents.  For some reason lately I've been drawn to a lot of white in everything... clothing, home decor, etc.  We recently moved into a new house and our kitchen cabinets are white.  It's a nice change from the darker wood I've had for the past 9 years in our condo.  Our new master bathroom as has a white cabinet and carrara marble counter, and a giant white clawfoot tub and I'm just obsessed with it!  Not to mention all of the crisp white trim and casings around our windows and doors. 

The new house has really put me in a neutrals mood with our gray walls, white everywhere and black and white granite.  I've found myself spreading my wings and adding more white in other aspects of my life... nail polish, flowers, clothing...

Today I'm just sharing a few snapshots of my favorite white things lately!  Sidenote: white towels in the bathroom is nothing new for me... for some reason I don't like colored towels.  I've always loved crisp, clean white towels because it's the only way I feel truly clean.  I guess that's probably my OCD talking ;)  Another note, I just attended an all-white party in Dallas last week and it was really fun!  If you don't already know about Circle Seven Five, you should check it out!  I've been a member since last year and they have the best events and perks if you're a 20-30something woman in the DFW area!  I loved seeing everyone's white outfits!  I'll be sharing my photos from the event in another post.  If you'd like an invite to join the group, comment below with your email and I'll send you one!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

but first, coffee

I have a slight obsession with coffee and coffee mugs.  I'm not going to lie, the whole one cup of coffee thing during pregnancy has not been easy.  I am normally a person that will savor 3-4 cups over a period of hours while watching my morning shows (usually Home and Family on Hallmark or I Love Lucy and the Golden Girls).  So lately my whole morning routine has been thrown off.  But since we're living at the house now and we still don't have the cable hooked up, my routine has changed to porch-sitting and sipping my one cup of joe... which is really nice actually... we're obsessed with our porch!

I knew I had a coffee mug hoarding problem but I don't think I realized until we started packing our dishes for the move just how many mugs I've accumulated!  We had a whole cabinet dedicated to them in the condo, and luckily we'll have more space for the collection in the new kitchen.  Which of course has me thinking about purchasing more cute mugs! Ahhh! ;)

I just received this Betsey Johnson as a prize at a baby shower and it's super cute!!  Unfortunately I can't find the exact one online and I'm not sure where it was purchased... obviously an older item... but I have my eye on some more cuties down below!  I've linked them all.

Monday, May 16, 2016

you're my boy, blue!

This outfit is casual, comfortable and all about my favorite color, blue!!

I was lucky and blessed to be celebrated on Mother's Day this year!  My husband surprised me with a very thoughtful gift because, as he said, I haven't bought anything for myself in awhile.  I was WOWed when I open a giant bag with a brand new Michael Kors bag :)  It's something I pointed out to him awhile ago and he was sweet enough to remember and go out shopping for me on his own!

I also received my very first maternity clothes from my in-laws.  My MIL has a knack for picking out cute clothing for me and she did so again.  My bump isn't that big yet, but let's just say I'm wearing yoga pants 24/7.  So she surprised me with some cute jeans, some leggings and a few tops.  I wore one of the tops the other day and it was so super comfortable and flattering!  

My parents were sweet enough to get me a really nice charm bracelet with a "mom" charm and another charm.  I'll be sharing those later after I reveal the gender of our baby ;)  As always, I'm linking my clothing and the bag below.  Be sure to check out the bag because I found it on major sale and it's definitely affordable!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I'm pregnant! The good, the bad and the ugly

Ok well there's been a huge break in my writing and it's because of a couple things actually.  I mentioned last time that there's been A LOT happening, and well, yeah, there has!  Chris and I have been busy moving.  We closed on our house at the end of March and we've been slowly moving out of our condo since.  It's nice being able to take our time, but also a little stressful at times since we know we don't have a particular deadline and we end up taking breaks.  But we're mostly moved into the house now (except large furniture because we're staging our condo for sale... 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom in downtown Fort Worth anyone??)  Unfortunately, since we're paying bills on both places, we haven't sprung for the cable and internet hookup yet at the house, so I'm left without internet.

On top of the move, if you follow me on Instagram, you've already heard that I am pregnant!!  This has been a huge adjustment and another reason I haven't written much lately.  When we found out I was pregnant, we had to move quickly on finding a house because our condo would not work at all to raise a child.  So it really put us in a time crunch and I had to drop everything else.  My blogging, my event-going and all my Mary Kay work have taken a major backseat these past few months.  It's been a very exciting time, but also a time period where I felt like my schedule was completely lost.  Not to mention, this is all on top of my husband working a night shift and sleeping during the day.