Thursday, May 26, 2016

baby shower goodies

I am lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time as some of my best friends!  They're all a little bit ahead of me, which is nice, so I can hear about their experiences before hitting that time myself.  I just co-hosted a baby shower for my bestie which turned out really cute.  I really love planning events but this happened to fall during my first trimester and frankly, I didn't have a ton of energy to be going all out.  So I took more of a back seat and a couple other girls did an amazing job planning a really nice shower!  

We decided to do goodie bags for the guests to take home.  At first I thought this was a little unnecessary and an added expense, but we all did our best to keep the cost down and they turned out super cute!  Today I thought I'd share what we did, in case anyone else was thinking of doing the same thing!  This would also be a cute idea for any kind of shower or a bachelorette party!

We went with a beauty theme and found super affordable mini things.  I purchased the bejeweled compact mirrors at Michaels in their $1.50 section and used a coupon on the entire purchase to get them even cheaper.  I also purchased the mini hand lotions and perfume samples through my Mary Kay business.  If you have a consultant, you could ask her a favor to do the same!  If you don't, I'd love to be yours!  If you're not interested in going that route, we also considered buying multipacks of lip balm, which would be cute.  You can also find mini nail polishes in multipacks.  If you're not willing to spend that much, check with beauty counters in department stores!  Who knows, they may be willing to give you a few samples.  And if you have multiple girls planning an event, everyone can hit up multiple stores so you end up with enough.  I know online purchases from Nordstorm beauty allows you to choose some samples, so if you purchase things for yourself, think ahead and stash samples away for future events, even if you don't use them!
The mini nail files are so adorable!!  Another girl purchased those at Sally Beauty supply and they were only 99 cents a piece (again if you have a coupon or you're a member of their program, you can get them cheaper!)  I love that they are small enough to fit in your purse or add to your key chain... because what girl hasn't broken a nail at some point out in public?!  Last but not least, the yogurt covered pretzels are homemade and another very affordable way to add something nice to the bag.  You could also buy Hershey Kisses or something like that and it will be very inexpensive.  

One of our other planners happened to have these burlap bags left from some DIY wedding materials, so that worked out perfectly!  She added the name tags and the goodie bags doubled as place cards on the tables for the shower!

Now I have to start thinking about what kind of baby shower I want!

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