Monday, May 23, 2016

but first, coffee

I have a slight obsession with coffee and coffee mugs.  I'm not going to lie, the whole one cup of coffee thing during pregnancy has not been easy.  I am normally a person that will savor 3-4 cups over a period of hours while watching my morning shows (usually Home and Family on Hallmark or I Love Lucy and the Golden Girls).  So lately my whole morning routine has been thrown off.  But since we're living at the house now and we still don't have the cable hooked up, my routine has changed to porch-sitting and sipping my one cup of joe... which is really nice actually... we're obsessed with our porch!

I knew I had a coffee mug hoarding problem but I don't think I realized until we started packing our dishes for the move just how many mugs I've accumulated!  We had a whole cabinet dedicated to them in the condo, and luckily we'll have more space for the collection in the new kitchen.  Which of course has me thinking about purchasing more cute mugs! Ahhh! ;)

I just received this Betsey Johnson as a prize at a baby shower and it's super cute!!  Unfortunately I can't find the exact one online and I'm not sure where it was purchased... obviously an older item... but I have my eye on some more cuties down below!  I've linked them all.

Coffee mug crushes:
coffee mug crushes
I'm a straight black coffee drinker and have been for years!  Anyone else?  Wishing I could have an extra cup to get me through this Monday but *sigh* at least I can have one!  I'm heading to Austin today!  I'm going to miss my husband like crazy! :(

Shop these mugs:

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