Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Lately I've been having a love affair with all white.  I am usually a very colorful girl... bold, bright and lots of contrast.  I have always loved black and white with pops of very bold color, whether they are rich jewel tones or vivid fluorescents.  For some reason lately I've been drawn to a lot of white in everything... clothing, home decor, etc.  We recently moved into a new house and our kitchen cabinets are white.  It's a nice change from the darker wood I've had for the past 9 years in our condo.  Our new master bathroom as has a white cabinet and carrara marble counter, and a giant white clawfoot tub and I'm just obsessed with it!  Not to mention all of the crisp white trim and casings around our windows and doors. 

The new house has really put me in a neutrals mood with our gray walls, white everywhere and black and white granite.  I've found myself spreading my wings and adding more white in other aspects of my life... nail polish, flowers, clothing...

Today I'm just sharing a few snapshots of my favorite white things lately!  Sidenote: white towels in the bathroom is nothing new for me... for some reason I don't like colored towels.  I've always loved crisp, clean white towels because it's the only way I feel truly clean.  I guess that's probably my OCD talking ;)  Another note, I just attended an all-white party in Dallas last week and it was really fun!  If you don't already know about Circle Seven Five, you should check it out!  I've been a member since last year and they have the best events and perks if you're a 20-30something woman in the DFW area!  I loved seeing everyone's white outfits!  I'll be sharing my photos from the event in another post.  If you'd like an invite to join the group, comment below with your email and I'll send you one!!

I bought my peonies at Trader Joes in Fort Worth.  I've seen a bunch of bloggers in Dallas lately sharing that they've found them at their local Trader Joes as well

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