Tuesday, September 24, 2019

6th Ave Homes House Shows

Small companies nowadays have to be super innovative.  I know that from working for a small company!  The game is constantly changing and entrepreneurs are successful when they are flexible, when they offer experiences and when they make people feel special through those experiences.    

So happy to share something special today!  If you're local to Fort Worth, this post is for you!  You may think you don't need to know about a real estate company unless you're buying or selling a home.  Not true!  If you are someone that loves Fort Worth and loves the unique events in Fort Worth, you want to know all about 6th Ave Homes!

Not only is 6th Ave Homes innovative in the way they approach real estate with their in-house design teams and their knack for preserving the historic and adding modern flair, they are also super unique in the way they approach their business, and I've never seen anything else like it!  
This is Josh Weathers and Chris and I had the pleasure of meeting him and chatting with him last year when we attended a 6th Ave Homes House Show!  These private concerts are held in renovated Fairmount neighborhood homes, are free, and are aimed at bringing the community together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that shows you what the neighborhood is all about!

Now, we definitely didn't need to be "sold" on the Fairmount neighborhood; when we found out we were having Kendall a few years back, we knew exactly where we wanted to be!  There is still an old-fashioned sense of community in Fairmount and it's the kind of neighborhood where parents are cooking out together, hanging on porches and having a beer or glass of wine, and watching the kids on the block play!  But 6th Ave Homes has also tapped into that idea even further by bringing all kinds of people together, welcoming them into a home and creating a unique experience you can't get anywhere else: a private, acoustic concert by amazingly talented musicians.
Being in a historic home, one where you know people may have gathered 100 years ago+, sitting on window sills and rugs and whatever chairs you can find, listening to killer music, singing along, clapping and laughing, sharing beers, sometimes passing beers or water all the way from the back of the house to the front just so someone doesn't have to step over the entire crowd... this is an experience I've never had anywhere else!  6th Ave Homes is showing us every day what it's like to be a true Fort Worth resident, to love on your neighbors, to enjoy music and life together... and we're lucky enough to experience it!
Stay tuned TODAY at 10am for the announcement of their next House Show and tickets going on sale.  It's a FREE event and therefore sells out in MINUTES!  I hope I've enticed you to try it out!  It's something I'll never forget!!  I hope to see you at the next House Show!!
Instagram: @6thAveHomes