Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't hesitate, just do it!

Anyone else an over-thinker? I am one of those people that has a very hard time getting out of my own head. I over-think, I worry, I debate way too much... and sometimes I have to remind myself that I could spend my whole life contemplating things and never actually accomplish anything. So today is a reminder to myself, and hopefully an inspiration to others, to just stop hesitating and go DO! :-)
Happy Thursday y'all!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Today was a good day

Happy Friday! Hope everyone's wknd is starting out great! I'm big chillin in Austin for a few days & as always, I'm loving being here & seeing my brother & boyfriend. Today I got up early and enjoyed a walk with Cozmo first thing. It was early enough to be tolerable outside haha (man it's been hot lately!). After breakfast and cooling off, I brewed some coffee & enjoyed my morning computer time and got some work done. How nice is it to be able to receive online orders & ship out product, all from the comforts of my bedroom & workout attire... yeah, ridiculously nice is the answer! After a shower & some girly primping, I picked up a hot lunch for Chris & drove to the range. He's so busy with his new job, he doesn't have time to leave for food. But being busy means he's happy... he loves instructing and I'll just go ahead & say you won't find a better shooting instructor around! And it's pretty hot seeing your man in his element ;-) For the rest of the afternoon, I was able to hang out with my bro, the other Chris :-) Cozmo and I even took a nice nap! You can see our fun pics cuddling in bed ;-) Haha love this dog!!
All in all, great Friday! And now I'm just waiting for Chris to get off work so I can spend a little time with my boo <3 Hope everyone has a great Friday night! I feel so blessed to have time with people & puppies I love! :-)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Road trip!

My view, inside & outside the car yesterday as I drove to Austin :-)
Mo Monkey, Mo Monkey, Mo!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another "job"

Well, I haven't done a great job of keeping up with my blog lately... fail... but I do have various reasons for it :-) One of which I'm actually pretty excited to start talking about & finding more blogs about... extreme couponing!
Yes I am someone that has watched the TLC show Extreme Couponing since it first aired. I remember seeing the first episode and I was immediately hooked on the idea & the show itself. Perhaps I don't want to be that extreme, but I decided this is something I need to start doing. Let's be honest... isn't every 20-something living on some sort of budget? If you're not, that's great & good for you haha but even with money to spend, doesn't it bother you to know you're paying more than you have to be?
Well, it bothers me :-) And as much time as it requires to teach yourself to coupon, I totally see it as worth it!
So the last few weeks I've been clipping & sorting & researching & reviewing stores' ads... I've made a couple of short shopping trips... I'm really just dipping my toes into the water at this point... but I have found some great deals! Check out some of the items I've ended up with :-) I will be happy to give a product & price breakdown a little later, but at this point my laptop is broken & I'm blogging from my cell phone... another hurdle to me blogging every day! But what I can say now is that, on average, I have been saving between 50-60% on these shopping trips, which is great, but still far less savings than I know can be achieved. This is a learning process. Some items I have managed to get completely free!
Are you a couponer? Do you have suggestions or blogs you follow? Do you think I'm nuts for starting this process? Haha I'm curious what you all think! I don't plan on stocking up on items I don't need or will never use... I don't really plan on my stockpile taking over an entire room in my home... but hey, we'll see, right? ;-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fun food for the 4th!

Are you hosting a 4th of July party? Or attending one? The 4th just seems to be the ultimate backyard barbecue day of summer, doesn't it? Make it fun with lots of red, white & blue! Don't spend a ton of money on decorations... you can show your patriotic pride with the food you serve. Guests of all ages will enjoy these snacks!
Doughnut Hole "Kabobs", great for brunch!

Rice Krispy Treat "Firecrackers"
Red White & Blue Bundt cake
Various desserts
Firecracker Cupcakes
Fruit Tray
Rice Krispy Treats
Various food ideas
These ideas are so cute! And they're all relatively easy to make! See details about these ideas, including links to the original bloggers, and much more on my pinterest boards! And don't forget to search pinterest for more ideas for tomorrow and other holidays!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Independence Day. God bless America! And never forget freedom isn't free!