Monday, July 16, 2012

Another "job"

Well, I haven't done a great job of keeping up with my blog lately... fail... but I do have various reasons for it :-) One of which I'm actually pretty excited to start talking about & finding more blogs about... extreme couponing!
Yes I am someone that has watched the TLC show Extreme Couponing since it first aired. I remember seeing the first episode and I was immediately hooked on the idea & the show itself. Perhaps I don't want to be that extreme, but I decided this is something I need to start doing. Let's be honest... isn't every 20-something living on some sort of budget? If you're not, that's great & good for you haha but even with money to spend, doesn't it bother you to know you're paying more than you have to be?
Well, it bothers me :-) And as much time as it requires to teach yourself to coupon, I totally see it as worth it!
So the last few weeks I've been clipping & sorting & researching & reviewing stores' ads... I've made a couple of short shopping trips... I'm really just dipping my toes into the water at this point... but I have found some great deals! Check out some of the items I've ended up with :-) I will be happy to give a product & price breakdown a little later, but at this point my laptop is broken & I'm blogging from my cell phone... another hurdle to me blogging every day! But what I can say now is that, on average, I have been saving between 50-60% on these shopping trips, which is great, but still far less savings than I know can be achieved. This is a learning process. Some items I have managed to get completely free!
Are you a couponer? Do you have suggestions or blogs you follow? Do you think I'm nuts for starting this process? Haha I'm curious what you all think! I don't plan on stocking up on items I don't need or will never use... I don't really plan on my stockpile taking over an entire room in my home... but hey, we'll see, right? ;-)

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