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Hey y'all! Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog!  My husband calls me Sassy Cassie and since he knows me best, that's how I'll introduce myself!  I am 30-something Texas girl and I live in Fort Worth.

I am a TCU alumni (go Frogs!) and I have a BS in Interior Design. I worked in high end residential for a few years and I did love it, but I have always had the goal of being my own boss. I thought I wanted to own an Interior Design business, but guess what? God has other plans sometimes!  Ten years later, I'm a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay (own my own business!), I'm a fashion, lifestyle and home decor blogger (own my own business!) and I'm also a wifey and stay-at-home mom / work-from-home mom / whatever you wanna call me...

Chris and I have been married for five and a half years and our beautiful baby girl is 3 years old. Whaaat?! Not so much a baby anymore... she's my little mini me and my whole world!! Chris is a Marine combat veteran and the love of my life ❤️ I am extremely proud of him and I believe that calling attention to veterans’ issues is now one of my biggest purposes in life.

I have strategically built my life my way with the loving help of my family and my husband.  I started this blog a few years ago but it has really been since having my daughter that I’ve become extremely passionate about it. I love sharing my personal fashion and lifestyle because I believe it is the easiest way to express yourself and be creative on a daily basis.  I am proud of the life I have built and I have a true passion for sharing what I love about Texas, especially my beloved Fort Worth.  I'm not afraid to talk about my struggles and challenges in life and  I hope to set an example and encourage women of any age to face their fears with faith in God.

I believe in dressing up and putting on makeup for yourself, not necessarily others.  I believe in each day being different.  I believe in the gracious forgiveness of my savior Jesus Christ and the beauty and love God has surrounded us with in this world.  I believe I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life, which is on the edge of great and amazing things!  I believe in the power of making all women feel beautiful, loved and worthy.  And I believe in the power of FAITH over fear!  My goal with this blog to overcome many fears I have, open myself up to the world, and receive all of the blessings my God has in store for me... whether that is new work opportunities, new friends or simply daily life lessons.  I hope that you will follow along on all of my social media and come back to my blog often!  Comment and let me know how I can support you!


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