Thursday, April 2, 2020

Instagram Try on session 4/2/20- clothing links

What day is it?  Thursday?! What?!  I'm actually surprised at how fast time is flying right now.  Don't get me wrong, the whole quarantine thing is going by slowly BUT I do actually feel like my individual days are going by pretty quick... Thank GOD!  K is keeping me super busy and I'm just absolutely exhausted doing it all on my own.  Even though I'm getting plenty of sleep, I feel more tired than ever.

Today I finally got a chance to do a quick try-on session with some of my newest online purchases.  If you haven't already watched my Instagram stories, I hope you'll go check it out!  I learned very quickly that my master bedroom lighting is horrible and I'll have to do something about that.  We have very little natural light in our house, unfortunately, and I can't stand any of our light fixtures LOL.  But one thing at a time.  I'm just happy my mirror is finally in a good place so I can try on clothes and show y'all!

So tonight I just wanted to quickly recap the items I shared and link them for y'all.  Obviously, my ultimate goal is to be able to swipe up on IG, so if you feel so inclined, I'd love if you'd share my profile with any you know that loves affordable fashion and home decor, especially anyone living in Fort Worth since I share on a lot of local boutiques and restaurants.  I'm excited to start sharing more of my home decor and DIY projects!  I appreciate y'all so much and I just want to grow my following so it's a little easier for me to share things directly from Insta!  

I really got some great deals on the pieces I'm sharing.  I'm a bargain shopper so of course I'm always sorry in advance if anything sells out quickly or isn't available in all sizes.  
CRAWFORD JUMPSUIT- The Styled Collection
Only $11!  I'm wearing small; Stocked in small, medium and large in black 
(sorry my olive green is sold out)
$26.99 I'm wearing XS; Stocked in XS- XXL; 
also available in Zebra print and Leopard midi (only $17.97)
$69.50 (so sorry, I caught these on a $30 sale so I will definitely share on IG if I see them go on sale again) I'm wearing XS in black; 5 colors available

MARGARITAS POR FAVOR TEE- purchased locally at a Stockyards boutique 
(working on figuring out the name)

Have you been living in sweats and comfy clothes?  I definitely have!  I'm so bummed that I can't have a date night out and wear the jumpsuit and the tie dye dress.  Can't wait until that day comes.  Hope y'all are surviving!  Anyone dealing with extra anxiety can ALWAYS DM me or message me and I will always be able to relate.  Y'all know I'm here!  I'm taking everything one day at a time!  And although I'm limiting myself on the shopping, every once in awhile I just have to grab a new clothing item.  It's fun getting something in the mail!  
Even if I have to Clorox Wipe the shit out of it! ;)

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