Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Let's talk tunics

 Texas summers call for versatile pieces.  I'm absolutely loving tunics for just that reason.  You may have seen me wear this outfit at Main Street Arts Festival this year! (see here on Instagram)
I've had this tunic for awhile now.  It was a fabulous purchase at Stein Mart a few seasons ago, and every time I've worn it, I get a compliment and get asked where I found it.  I love Stein Mart because you can find boutique/unique clothing at extremely affordable prices.  They even have a specific "boutique" section on their website and in their stores where you can find interesting clothes at huge discounts compared to department stores.  I love checking in store, since you always find something different.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Zomato: all in one food app

If you follow my Instagram, I'm sure you've noticed by now that I like to eat... a lot.  I love to share my food journey with my followers!  So I was thrilled when the beautiful Alyssa from Zomato reached out to me collaborate!
{a few of my recent food posts on instagram}
Torchy's Tacos
Vickery Cafe
Gino's East
To be honest, I'm not a major "app" person.  Yes, I use social media apps like facebook, instagram and twitter like crazy, but beyond that, I don't really find it necessary to download every single app that hits the market.  I'm much more of a "plug it into google" kind of girl... how "old-fashioned" huh? ;-)  But, if I do come across an app that makes my life easier, especially one with a social component, I'm happy to give it try!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Heartbreaker Vest + Giveaway

I am an 80s child!  Perhaps you can tell from my obsession with neon colors..?  With me, the brighter, the better.  And I'm always in love with mixing tons of color... I'm not really down with a pop of just one.  With the latest craze for denim, I'm also loving the return of frayed jeans and acid washed items!