Sunday, June 5, 2016

lately... June 5, 2016

Hey y'all!!  Happy weekend!  I've had a super busy few weeks (what else is new?!) and I haven't had a chance to shoot any new outfits.  BUT I will be shooting a few new things really soon, so stay tuned!  I thought I'd do a "lately" post today and just give a few updates on everything that's going on...

Well, I've officially hit the point of needing true maternity clothes.  Even my go-to leggings are too tight around my belly now, so this past week was my first experience with pregnancy pants.
It feels a little weird having pants with a built-in belly band, but I'm thankful that nowadays there are truly some super cute options for mothers-to-be.  My MIL bought me some cute options from Motherhood Maternity (from Macy's) and I've been rocking those casual tees (soooo comfy!).  I was also gifted a pair of Jessica Simpson maternity jeans and this week was my first time to try them out.  Even Chris was surprised when I showed him that they were maternity pants because he thought they were just cute jeans!  So that makes me feel better about this whole process... "normal-looking" clothes is a plus when you're already feeling a little weird about your changing body. 

The one thing I didn't realize about the pants is that the belly band goes up really high... like all the way to my bra.  I guess that makes sense so you don't have elastic around the middle of your belly, I just didn't expect it at first.  So I'm thinking they'll be good for awhile but I might start to get hot during the summer months.  It is Texas after all.  But I'm actually really loving these jeans and I'll be sure to shoot some pictures really soon!  They're super cute distressed denim.  I also just picked out a few new pieces which are waiting for me at home :)

Other than the changes in clothing, I'm sort of breezing along with the pregnancy and time is flying.  I'm 21 weeks now, almost 22 and I may (ok definitely am) starting to freak a little that we don't have more done... like decorating a nursery or even buying the crib and furniture.  But there's been a lot going on and I haven't even been home for more than 48 hours in the past 2 weeks.  My sleep is a little worse because I'm trying to sleep solely on my sides and not my back.  I have random pains in my butt/hip area that make me very uncomfortable when I sleep, even on the softest of beds.  That's been bothering me a lot but I guess overall I should be thankful that is the only "major" thing I'm dealing with.  I've also had a ton of heartburn lately which you may be seeing me complain about on my snapchat (username: TX.Sass)

Interior Design:
I've owned my own Mary Kay business for 6 and 1/2 years now so sometimes I think people forget that my background is in Interior Design.  I've been really enjoying a few projects lately and they've taken up a bunch of my time: 1. shopping for furniture for our new home (we just recently ordered a giant sectional for our living room and I'm excited to get it in about a month... my husband is SUPER excited)... 2. We're still working on staging our condo in downtown Fort Worth for sale, although this has definitely been on the back burner for awhile now, unfortunately.... and 3. My biggest project lately, helping to fix up and stage a home in Austin for sale soon.  

I've been in Austin for a few weeks now and it's been hard to be away from the hubby, since he's in Fort Worth going to work every night.  I miss him like crazy!!  On the bright side, I've enjoyed the design aspect lately since it's been a little while since I had Interior Design projects.  So I'm trying to enjoy the process and I'm looking forward to having a little more time to decorate our home very soon... ideas are brewing!!  I just ordered a vanity desk for myself and it arrived before I left Fort Worth.  I can't wait to get that set up and shoot some pics... so that will also be coming soon to the blog!  We've also been checking out a lot of garage sales and estate sales... my favorite way to shop for gems.  Our home will definitely be a mix of new and old... just the way I like it.  I love eclectic style and vintage pieces mixed with new, more glamorous furniture and accessories.  

I'm enjoying a lot of time with my family but I'm also looking forward to getting back to my routine at home with my husband and my zoo (a dog and three cats).  I can't wait to get more settled in our house and start getting things up on the walls and making the space more livable and personalized.  I had a mini meltdown last week about being gone so much and having so much on my plate, but then I really started to think how blessed I am.  I have family moving closer to Fort Worth and a baby on the way and a brand new house.  It's been overwhelming but these are truly some of the biggest blessings I could pray for (and have prayed for), so sometimes I just need to step back, relax and breathe.  My husband, Chris, has been such a huge blessing lately... picking up the slack with things I can't do anymore and helping a lot with the house and keeping me calm.  I'm so thankful for him and everything we have going on lately.  Our lives have changed A LOT in the last few months, but all for the better.  We are SO blessed and I thank God from the bottom of my heart.  I can't wait to get a few photoshoots in and share new outfits and home decor with you very soon!  Thanks to everyone for their patience and to new followers on Instagram and snapchat!  I'm blessed to share my experiences with y'all ;)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

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