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In the last couple of years I’ve learned a lot about making healthy decisions when it comes to relationships, friends and the people I surround myself with.  This all started when I joined Mary Kay and it was such an eye-opening experience.  I had never really been around such positive women before.  I had never really seen women supporting each other instead of being catty and jealous and clique-y.  It was totally new to me (sadly) and it changed my world. 
(P.S. You can read about being a Beauty Consultant HERE... best decision of my life!)

That was about 7 years ago, I think… I’m losing track!  Since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to make a lot of changes in my life.  This includes deleting some people from social media and in all honesty, deleting some people from my life.  I went through years of really examining the people around me… do they serve me well?  I don’t mean do I get things from them… I mean, do they make me happy?  Do they make me better?  Do they support me?  Do they support my choices and my relationship with Chris?  Do they care about my family?  Do they pray for me?   Along the way I discovered that a lot of people didn’t.  And the people I knew that did… well, I wasn’t really focusing on growing those friendships the way I should.

I’ve learned that everything is about being intentional… intentional with my work, how I spend my days and the relationships I cultivate.  The women I met in Mary Kay changed my habits, but more importantly, my thinking.  When you’re around those kind of women, you crave more and more!  After a lot of personal struggles for a few years, I realized I needed more.  I made a decision to start a blog and I started spending a crazy amount of time on social media.  I wanted to know and be around more entrepreneurial women… not just my fellow Beauty Consultants.  I wanted to know all kinds of women… younger, older… anyone that was being intentional with their lives and making decisions to be positive and productive.

It may sound weird, but that all started through Instagram.  I sought out positive women, mostly bloggers… women that were making their dreams come true one day at a time.  I have always said I’m not a 9-5er.  I never will be and while I have plenty of friends that have gone that route (and more power to ‘em!), I wanted to know more women that were doing their own thing.  The more women like this I followed on Instagram, the more I was able to pull myself out of some tough times.  I would wake up in the morning, sometimes not wanting to wake up or start my day.  Then I’d open Instagram and I would be flooded with beautiful posts and positive messages.  I wanted to be one of those women inspiring others to get up, grab their coffee and be a true girl boss. 

The more bloggers I followed, the more I realized that there is this amazing community of women that LOVE to support each other; they LOVE to be inspiring; they LOVE to create beautiful things; they LOVE social media; they LOVE sharing products and clothing and whatever they do or use throughout their daily life.  I thought it was amazing and I wanted to be a part of it right away.  I admired these women from afar for a long time… months, years… not in a creepy stalker-ish kind of way lol but in a way where I longed for their self-confidence.  It took me awhile to decide that it’s OK to want to put your life out there for others to see.  It’s OK to reach out and ask, “Hey, can we be friends? You inspire me!” 

After awhile I stumbled across Circle Seven Five on my Instagram.  It’s a group based in Dallas for women in their 20s and 30s and I quickly realized that a lot of bloggers and fabulous women I was already following had joined this group.  I was intrigued… so I watched!  I’d see posts of the cutest ladies doing the most fun things and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  I wanted to attend the fun events but mostly, I really really wanted these amazing women in my life.  I hesitated for a long time because it is Dallas-based and I’m in Fort Worth.  It’s not a far drive, but still, I wondered how often I’d be able to make events and I even wondered if it was a little weird that a Fort Worth girl wanted in on the fun.  But I finally took the plunge and just joined… and guess what?  I wish I had done it sooner! 

Everyone I have met in this group has been the sweetest!  “Some people think they are in community, but they are only in proximity.  True community requires commitment and openness.  It is a willingness to extend yourself to encounter and know the other”.  That’s directly from the CSF homepage and it is so true.  Circle Seven Five is all about women getting to know each other in a positive atmosphere.  There are tons of stories about women meeting at an event and becoming best friends and/or roommates soon after.  It is a group comprised of amazing women from all kinds of backgrounds and professions that just wanted to make friends.  And I personally love that there are a lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs… ladies that love posting and snapping as much as I do!  It’s refreshing to not be considered weird because you want to document everything you’re doing, eating and seeing J 
So even though I’m still a relatively new member and I haven’t attended as many events as I would like, I just wanted to share a little CSF LOVE today and let each member know that I appreciate them and love getting to know them.  CSF has a philosophy that no girl should feel out of place or unwelcome at an event.  They encourage everyone to engage, especially if you see someone new that doesn’t know many people yet.  I love that.  My introvert self LOVES that and needs that.  So I am thankful for this positive group of ladies!  And I don’t feel out of place anymore since a lot of people outside the Dallas city limits have joined!  I’m not the only Fort Worth girl!!  I know this group will continue to thrive and I’m hoping their message travels all over the metroplex and maybe even to other cities in the future.   

I’ll end today with some personal shout-outs to some fellow members… all girl bosses as well that are either bloggers or business owners or creatives.  Love you all and can’t wait to get to know you better!

Kendra Swalls owns her own photography business

Hollie Youngblood is a fashion and beauty blogger- (IG:@fashionsoffancy)

Eunice Archila is a blogger- (IG: @eunicearchila, Snap: eunicearchila)

Bree Clarke builds affordable farmhouse tables, she's an Interior Stylist and offers empowering women brunches and workshops-  
(IG: @theimanproject, Snap: theimanproject)

Jordan Gill runs a business operations agency for health and wellness entrepreneurs-  (IG- @personalizedprocedures)

Rocio Yepez just launched a travel company-

Veronica Lizarraga owns a salon in lower greenville- 
(IG: @veronica_doll13)

Diana Rubio is a blogger- (IG: @lovelylittleobsessions)

Marcela Aubrey is a freelance makeup artist- 
(IG: @marcelaaubreymakeup)

Nickie Vu is a lifestyle (IG: @nickieanddime, 
pinterest: @nickieanddime, twitter: @nickievu)

Kasie Ricart owns an insurance agency for car, renters, home and business insurance- 
(IG: @ricartinsurance, FB: Ricart Insurance Agency)

Haley Thompson designs and makes custom gowns for all kinds of events and occasions- (IG: @haleythompsondesigns, FB: Haley Thompson Designs)

Savannah Gray Ŧhode and Olivia Jahn have a blog together- 
(IG : @sociallyfitdallas)

Lori Lesniewski owns The Barre Code - Design District studio-

Molly Rasmussen owns a wedding and event planning company- (IG: @pop_parties)

Becka Clark is the Boss Lady behind all things Kiki LaRue- (Join the Kiki LaRue Insiders Club)

Loud Pen is the CEO of ISLP and Co-Founder of 8515-
(Twitter & IG: @LoudPen @TheInkSpotLP @8515agency)

Megan Weaver is a photographer for fashion and lifestyle bloggers and women entrepreneurs- (IG: @meganmweaver)

Katherine Lopez is a blogger- (IG: @thekatherinelopez)

Kenya D. is a blogger-

Dominique Fufidio owns Katy Trail Dental- (IG: katytraildental)

You can learn more about Circle Seven Five on their website and if you're interested in joining, just comment below with your email address and I'll send you an invite! (pssst! Right now they're offering your first month FREE!)  The tote and bracelet in the above photos were gifts given to us during the CSF 2nd birthday bash!  I had a blast and can't wait to go to my next event!
 group photo by Beckley and Co.


  1. What a cool group!!! That is awesome!

    1. It really is! Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  2. How awesome to find such a supportive, positive group! Cheers