Wednesday, June 22, 2016

beauty must-haves lately

I've always had problematic skin... oily to the max plus hormonal breakouts my entire life.  Nothing has changed since my pregnancy.  In fact, for awhile I was worse than normal!  This is sooo frustrating.  There's a few things I've been doing lately, and a couple of different products that I've been using, that have helped out my skin so I'm sharing those today.

1. Not washing (or doing anything) as much.  That's probably against everything everyone will tell you... but it is helping.  I've always washed my face twice a day, morning and night, but lately there have been a few mornings here and there where I've skipped washing.  I may be a tad bit oilier (but not much at all... I'm oily no matter what!) but I think just leaving my skin alone has helped.  Also just not touching my face as much in general.  I have a really bad habit of that!  I've consciously made the choice to not touch my face often, AND when I eat anything, I make sure to wash my hands immediately after (especially more greasy foods)

2. Alternating products and not getting into a "I use this every day" routine.  I normally use a lot of acne products but I've cut back on those even though I still have breakouts.  I'm using more products that are simple and have "good-for-the-skin" ingredients.  There are two major products I've added in lately: coconut oil and a retinol night cream.  I don't use them every day... that would be too much for my oily skin.  But I alternate them in every once in awhile in addition to acne-fighting products.

I started using straight coconut oil on my belly (instead of coco butter lotion with a ton of chemicals in it) to hopefully prevent stretch marks... although everything I've read attributes those to heredity and not skincare... oh well, doesn't hurt! I was a little scared to try any on my face, but I googled and found tons of results for using it as an acne treatment.  Coconut oil has amazing antibacterial properties, so it's helping kill germs on your face and in your pores.  When I do put it on my face (maybe 2-3 times a week at most), it is taking the place of my moisturizer.  I also only do it at night.  I use my regular moisturizer in the morning, especially if I'm putting makeup on afterwards.  There is a risk of clogging pores with coconut oil so remember a little bit goes a really long way (and this is also why I don't use it in the morning or put makeup on afterwards).
The other product I love (and have used in the past) is the Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Night Cream.  This is an amazing anti-aging moisturizer with Retinol in it!  This takes the place of coconut oil on other nights (I never use together).  It's a lot of moisture and therefore I also don't use it every day (if you have dry skin, trust me, you will want and need this product!!).  I love a retinol cream because it's great at repairing damage to your skin.  I have sun damage from my years of childhood soccer and I have scarring from acne.  This cream treats both.  I've linked both products below!
The coconut oil is usually somewhat solid in the jar.  All you do is scoop out a tiny bit and rub in in your fingers.  It will turn into an oil right away.  Remember a little goes a long way and you don't want to slather too much on and clog your pores (face and body).  
The TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Night Cream has a super cool jar that is air-tight and keeps the product as fresh and potent as possible!  It may look a little tricky when you first open it.  You place your fingers on the two indentations and push down gently.  The cream will come out around the small circle.  It's an ingenious design!  Nothing can contaminate your cream and you're getting the effects of fresh retinol every use!

I'm also super excited about experiencing a Hydrafacial next week!!  I've been invited to try it out and I can't wait!  I'll definitely be posting about that next week so stay tuned!

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