Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Main Street Eats

Today is a busy day!!  I'll be headed to Dallas in a little while for a great My Forward Life branding event.  Anytime I have to go to Dallas from Fort Worth, it can really cut into my timeline so unfortunately today's post is short and sweet.  Not to mention, I think I'm still moving a little slow this week due to my post-Main Street food como plus this super icky weather!

While I'm still finalizing my latest outfit post as well as my more detailed review of Sunday night's dinner, here's a quick (I mean quick, y'all... forgive me) look at some of the amazing foods I enjoyed the past few days! 
(downtown Fort Worth)

Dang it, now I'm hungry again!!! 

If you happen to be attending My Forward Life tonight, let me know!  This Fort Worth girl doesn't know everyone in Dallas yet, but I'd love to meet you! ;-)  Can't wait to share some great posts with you this week!  See you tomorrow for my black and white outfit!

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