Monday, August 31, 2015

gaucho pants + sparkle

Gaucho pants are back, and if you're looking to be a little more daring with your silhouette, now's the time.  As we've seen lately (especially in my Frog Chic Fashion Show post), the 70s are back.  And that doesn't just mean bell bottoms... It also means interesting wide leg pants in all sorts of shapes.  You may have worn a pair (or two, or three) of stretchy gauchos a few years back... probably with some sort of platform flip flop (guilty!).  You may have even been wearing some this past spring/summer.  This laid back, easy breezy pant was perfect for the hotter months.  But as we transition into fall, what I'm loving right now, and seeing a lot more of, is a more structured look.  The fabrics are sophisticated and it's more about the silhouette than the flow.

Now, as much as I love these pants paired with a great chunky sweater or cape, it's still just way too hot to be doing that in Texas yet. (Dear fall weather, please hurry!)  So I've chosen a very lightweight top with much less structure to balance out the stiffer pant.  I wore this outfit to church and lunch afterwards, but it would also be a great look for work, or even a date night.
I love the stiffer fabric and the crisp creases.  And truth be told, I wish the legs were even wider.  I think that would be so chic.  I kept my shoe to a simple peep toe pump because I feel like that's more church appropriate.  I like to touch on trends for church, but not go over the top.  I would also love these pants with a great mule, or a peep toe bootie for fall.
I love sparkle!  This top has a glitter thread woven throughout that I just can't resist.  Since we're still on the side of summer, I feel like it's appropriate and fun.  I also love the monochromatic animal print.  Later in fall, I would go with a more structured shirt, maybe something with a collar.  Or like I mentioned above, a chunky sweater.  I have been browsing some looks on Pinterest and I'm so in love with some more voluminous looks!  Who What Wear is a fabulous source for trendy looks and fashion inspiration.  I've seen some of my favorites on there lately. 
I loved adding a crystal and pearl necklace and earrings with this outfit.  Again, very church appropriate and I feel like it gave the outfit a girly touch.  My lipstick is a great shade of red for fall.  Link below.  One more thing to note:  My understanding of gauchos vs culottes is that gauchos are pants with a wide cut leg where as culottes are pants that actually resemble a skirt.  However, you will probably see these terms interchanged a lot.  There's really not a huge difference between the two, and either one is very trendy right now.  You will probably see culottes in more lightweight fabrics that flow and move.  The may actually look like a midi skirt when you're standing with your legs together.  I'm seeing a lot of gaucho pants, more like actual trousers, in stiff, structured fabrics.  Both are ridiculously comfortable and on trend.
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See some of my favorite gaucho/culotte looks on my Fall Fashion Pinterest Board

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