Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rolls royce wraith 'inspired by'

Last week my my husband and I attended an event in Dallas that was truly spectacular.  I may not know much about the ins and outs of cars, but I know absolute luxury when I see it!  Thanks to FGI Dallas and Rolls Royce Motorcars, we were able to experience the epitome of luxury firsthand.  This was the ultimate event for me and Chris... cars meet fashion... and we were certainly WOWed.

Today I'm sharing my pictures from the event.  I do apologize that I only have cell phone pictures but I was more focused on enjoying the event than being a member of the media.  The cars were shiny and the lights were bright, so yeah.  But truthfully, nothing can take away from the beauty of these babies... even a few glare spots.  We had the pleasure of seeing two cars from the Rolls Royce Wraith "Inspired By" collection: Inspired By Fashion & Inspired By Film (I even sat in them and pretended for a split second that they were mine... and then I woke up!)
(both pictures from

We were also able to browse the entire showroom which included some other Rolls Royce models, Mclaren, and Maserati.  Hope you enjoy seeing my pictures from the event!

There is one more "Inspired By" Rolls that wasn't there and that's the Inspired By Music model, pictured here:
I'm thankful for this once-in-a-lifetime (probably) opportunity!  I have always been in love with black cars, and still am, but I think this event showed me how much I looove white!! Maybe I'm on a white kick lately but they were just so gorgeous.  And the details in the Wraith Inspired by Fashion... wow!  So chic and edgy, especially the yellow pops.  

FGI Dallas also announced their 2015 Night of Stars honorees.  You can read about the upcoming event HERE.  This year's Career Achievement award in fashion will be presented to Prabal Gurung.  These gorgeous models were showing off two beautiful designs by him, and you can shop them from Neiman Marcus HERE and HERE.

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