Thursday, August 20, 2015

TCU frog chic: fall trends 2015

Last night I attended one of my favorite events of the year: the TCU Alumni Frog Chic Trend Event.  Hosted by Neiman Marcus Fort Worth, this event is always fabulous!  TCU alumni enjoy sips, bites and a fall fashion show highlighting the trends of the season.  I have to say, I'm obsessed with everything we're seeing for fall. UHHHbsessed (just for emphasis!)  From 70s vibes, to winter whites and multiple layers, I loved every single look.  And of course, being a TCU event, they always throw in an abundance of purples to get you in the mood for football season (go Frogs!)

Here's a handful of my photographs from the event, including every runway look.  And as if this wasn't enough pictures, I'll be putting every single photo on my facebook page later today, so you can see shots of each outfit from every angle.  As you scroll below, I'll point out a bunch of fall trends.

TREND: Chunky Heels
TRENDS: Fur (real and faux) / Fringe
TRENDS: Fur /Vests / Backpacks
Men's TREND: Sporty layers / Backpacks
TRENDS: Layers / Booties / Panchos / Fringe on everything
TRENDS: Shades of red / Pattern mixing
Men's TREND: Backpacks instead of briefcases
TRENDS: Layers / Jet black jewelry
TRENDS: Layer / Long vests / Fringe
TRENDS: 70s vibes / Bell bottoms
TRENDS: Wide leg pants / Layers / Real fur
TRENDS: Bell bottoms / Panchos / Oversized layers
Men's TRENDS: Layers / Casual shoes (combat boots)
TREND: Winter whites
TRENDS: Jumpsuits / Fringe booties
TREND: Layers (peasant top, vest and oversized fringe sweater)
TREND: Leather leggings paired with boho items
TRENDS: Pattern mixing / Florals
TREND: 70s vibes
Men's TREND: Vests
TREND: Chunky knits
I also had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Frog that I love following on instagram!  Kirbie Johnson is a host / reporter / beauty expert for PopSugar TV... and a total sweetheart! 
And here are the goodies that we received from Neiman Marcus in our swag bags!  Can't wait to try them out!  And how adorable is this little TCU bag?!  There's a cute travel kit inside.  Have any of you ever tried these products?  What's your favorite?  I'm super excited about the Jo Malone fragrances.  They are designed to be layered and I love that idea!  I'll be playing around with the two sample perfumes.
As always, I really enjoyed this event.  I feel blessed to be a part of an alumni association that takes such good care of us and works really hard on fabulous events!  What trends for fall are you loving?  Did you have a favorite look above?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments!  Happy Thursday y'all! 

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