Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dreaming of fall + Tory Burch private sale

This heat is really getting to me!  You'd think I'd be used to it after living in Texas for 28 years, 13 of which were in Houston... but no, I don't think there's ever a real getting used to it point.  This week has been ridiculous in DFW and chances are if you live around here, you've been staying inside as much as possible.

I ventured to the mall on Sunday for about .5 seconds to pick up a wedding shower gift.  That's seriously about all I could take... in one store, grab the gift at customer service that I purchased online, and out the door.  Between the horrific heat and the ridiculous crowds for tax-free weekend, I'm starting to lean more to online shopping.  I've never been one for online shopping.  I like the experience of being in the store, trying on the clothes (seriously, everything fits funny on me, I am NOT a one-size, click-it and know it'll fit kind of girl).  But this summer I'm really starting to appreciate the appeal of online shopping (does that mean I'm getting old?!)

Many times I turn to other bloggers for sale alerts because I'll be honest, I'm not always the best at it.
 I don't spend every dollar I get on shopping and if I buy an "investment piece", it's on sale, usually with a coupon if possible.  I'm just that girl.  I was taught to be thrifty.  That doesn't mean I don't drool over the expensive things.  I follow Chronicles of Frivolity by Katey McFarlan and she's seriously one of the best bloggers because not only does she post like every single day (again... #goals), but she's amazing at alerting you to fabulous sales.  So today I read her post and was like, oh wow, there's a fab Tory Burch sale.  So I decided to browse the selection and pick out my faves (so not trying to copy you, Katey! *kisses hugs and Funkytown love*)  Here's my favorites from the sale, but be sure to also visit her blog and shop her picks!

Tory Burch Private Sale
Browsing the jackets and scarves and bags (and sweating my ass off anytime I go outside) has me dreaming of fall.  It's about that time of year when I realize, oh yeah, I'll never actually get a tan, I miss football and I want it to be my birthday! (sorry not sorry... October 28 for those of you that want to mark your calendars haaa)  I am so ready to be throwing on cute layers and snuggling with my hubby for warmth.  Here's a few items that are on my wish list for fall:
1. Fur vest
2. White denim
3. Booties
4. Over-the-knee boots
5. Backpack

Does anyone else have a problem with thinking fur vests are so cute on everyone else, but then you try one on and think you look like Chewbacca?  No? Just me?  And I have the same problem with white denim.  I own ONE pair of white jeans and they are capris.  I covet the beautiful fashionistas and their distressed white denim skinnies and think why do they work so well on others but not me?  I want them even more now that white is so hot... white hot, if you will? eh? ;-)  Anyway, if you have great sources for any of my wish list items, tag a girl!  Are you still loving summer or are you dreaming of fall like me?  Don't forget to shop my Tory picks below!  There's some fab items for fall at huge discounts!  (Funny note: my husband saw me browsing the Tory sale and stopped what he was doing...
"Um, what are you doing?"- him
"Don't worry, I'm not shopping, I'm just blogging"- me
Gotta love him!)

**Access the Private Sale by going HERE & entering your email address**
Sale ends August 14
Shop the items:

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