Friday, October 7, 2016

baby bump + the big day!

Today is a BIG day!  A day that I haven’t shared with anyone except family and close friends so far.  Today we will meet our baby girl because I have a scheduled
c-section.  Let me first share that this was not at all my plan.  But isn’t that life?... you plan and plan and try to make educated decisions about what’s best for you and then wham bam, God says HE knows what’s best, not you.

I am currently a few days short of 40 weeks.  At 37 weeks I learned that my baby girl was in a breech position, after already spending a few weeks head-down.  I have no idea why she decided to turn around again, but she did and she is apparently staying put (stubborn little bugger!)  Because of a small issue I have with the umbilical cord, it’s not safe for the doctor to try to turn her or manipulate her in anyway.  So I was told to prepare for a scheduled c-section… you know, the type of birth I didn’t want and wasn’t my plan at all!

I spent a few days freaked out that my husband would be out of town for work when this all went down.  Thankfully, by the grace of God, we were able to delay a little bit and he is back in town and will be by my side today during the whole thing.  And even though he’ll be there with me and we’ll have anxious parents in the waiting room, I’m still freaked out.  I know c-sections are performed every day without any problems and even know that some women choose this route, but I don’t like medical stuff and would prefer not to be having an operation.  But I have to keep telling myself… whatever is best for the baby.

Because that’s what being a parent is, right?  Putting your child’s needs over your own; putting your faith in God that no matter what happens they’ll be safe and everything will be ok.  So I’m trying my best.  I had my ultimate freak out moment last night and hopefully it has passed.  Today I am just emotional and a little overwhelmed.  I guess nobody really feels ready, including me.  In a few hours, I’ll be a mom!  Sure, there are perks to a c-section… I know the exact time this is happening; I don’t have to wonder when it’s time to go to the hospital; I don’t have to spend hours and hours in pain; My family is prepared and will be waiting to meet baby girl; I’m saving my hoo-ha J  All great things!  I’m nervous, but really excited too.

Before I start spamming my social media with baby girl pictures, I wanted to share a few of my baby bump photos!  I had a lot of fun with this shoot and I’m super thankful to my friend Brandy… she’s a trooper and always helps me make my vision become a reality with photos.  Unfortunately Chris’ work schedule didn’t allow him to make it, but he has some time off now and I know we’ll be able to get some great photos with him and baby girl… our new little family J

I’m excited for our baby girl to be born in October.  It’s my favorite month and I wanted to do some “fall” photos with my bump that were a little more on the boho side.  I think they turned out awesome.
Let me know what you think!!  Thanks again to Brandy!  Getting in the field of sunflowers was not the easiest thing lol but she knew it’s what I wanted.  If you’d be so kind, say a little prayer for me today and for our baby girl’s safe arrival!  I can’t wait to meet her!  Happy Friday y’all!  It’s a BIG day!!


  1. We love you and are praying and loving you!

  2. Just saw this! Praying that all went well, can't wait to see her!

  3. Ok so you definitely need to post a new update cause I have seen all your beautiful baby photos on insta! You are glowing and congrats on the new journey :)