Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Long-lasting Lipstick + my favorite PINK!

 MUAH!! Happy Tuesday loves! How is your week going so far?  Today I just wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to my favorite PINK LIPSTICK shade recently... Pink Chérie!
{photo from MaryKay.com}
This is the perfect pink in my book... not too light and not too bright!  Take a closer look at this shade and
even try it on virtually HERE!  Want to learn more about Mary Kay's True Dimensions formula?  Check
out this video!
This lipstick really is the silkiest, smoothest lipstick you will ever put on!  It's so moisturizing and luxurious!  And did you see all those shades?  This past season saw a lot of new additions and ladies are loving them!  What color is your favorite?

No matter what shade of lipstick you prefer, I'm sure you'd love to know how to make it last longer!  One of the most common questions I receive as a Beauty Consultant is how to make lipstick last.  So here you go... here are my tips and tricks!

Ladies, if you're searching for a magical lipstick that will stay on all day no matter what you eat, drink or do, I'm very sorry to disappoint you... this does not exist!  Seriously y'all.  It doesn't.  You will always have to reapply lipstick after meals, etc.  It's life.  BUT, I promise I can help minimize the number of times you have to do it!

Here are some of my favorite products from Mary Kay that I use on myself, I recommend to my customers and I use on all of my professional makeup jobs.  There are other brands that make these types of products... if you love another brand, go for it.  My tips are general application tips that can be applied by anyone with any brand products.  If you are interested in the specific Mary Kay products I mention, there is purchasing information at the bottom of this post, as well as a coupon code to use on your first purchase!

{Please note: As I always say, I personally only use Mary Kay and those are the products I talk about because I believe in the concept of being able to TRY your products and switch them out if they are not correct for you.  I don't know another company that guarantees every single product 100%.  So when I recommend these products, it is not for my gain but for yours... really, honestly.  I believe you should be able to return a product instead of getting stuck with a drawer full of beauty products you'll never use.  I believe you should be able to try lipstick shades to your heart's desire until you find just the right one.  I am able to provide this service to my customers through Mary Kay and their satisfaction guarantee
1. Exfoliate your lips.  The skin on your lips is the only skin on your entire body that does not naturally exfoliate.  This is why we all have so many issues with dry lips, peeling and cracking.  Using a lip mask to scruff off the dead skin cells will help you apply lipstick easier, and it will help the color last long and look better.  I recommend Mary Kay's Satin Lips Set.

2. Neutralize your lip color with your foundation or concealer.  This may sound strange but this will help your lipstick look more true-to-color as you see it in the tube, as well as add another layer to help the lipstick, well... stick! My favorite Mary Kay foundations are the TimeWise Liquids but you could also use your skin shade of Concealer.

3. Prime your lips with a Lip Primer.  Just like painting a wall, color will go on better and last longer when you prime first.  I love Mary Kay's anti-aging Lip Primer!

4. Line your lips with a Lip Liner.  No, don't draw an outline on your lips with a dark color and then leave it!  This horrible trend has scared ladies away from lip liner for way too long!  The key to lip liner is using it all over.  Outline your lips, then completely fill in your entire lips with the color.  Again, this layer will give the lipstick something else to stick to.  Light layers of multiple products is the key!  Don't want to use a colored lip liner?  No problem!  Mary Kay makes a clear lip liner so you can get the benefits of a liner without additional color!  Booya!

5. Apply your lipstick!

As I mentioned above, you kind find these types of products in most stores but if you don't want to get stuck with something you don't love, how about trying some Mary Kay?  If you don't already have a consultant, I'd love to be yours!  No matter where you are in the U.S. I can help!  I ship products and stay in touch with customers in multiple states and I'd love to help you too.

Please take a moment to register on my website so I can keep in contact with you!  If you're interested in purchasing the products I've mentioned today (at no risk to you because of our guarantee) please click the links above an order through my Mary Kay website!  (You can also contact me if you have additional questions)

**SPECIAL DEAL** Use coupon code "NEW15" to receive 15% OFF your first order with me! (enter this in the "customer comments" portion during checkout)

Smooches y'all!  Hope my tips have helped!

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