Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winning!! FWHAT Launch tonight!

Just in case it isn't abundantly clear how much I love the city of Fort Worth... today we're talking local love!  

If you don't live in Fort Worth, it's pretty easy to get the impression that we're all still living in the old west, riding horses in our wranglers, visiting our saloons. HA! But to those of us that live here, and have lived here for years, that's not exactly the whole story.  I won't tell you you'll never see someone riding a horse down the street, because frankly yes, that does happen... I mean, we still embrace our cowboy heritage.  But the best thing about Fort Worth, in my opinion, is the balance between history and vision.  Each day in this city is filled with reminders of what once was, as well as an exciting, young energy of what is to come.

Six years ago I purchased a condo in downtown Fort Worth, and I've been having a love affair with this city ever since.  This city has brought out a passion in me that I honestly didn't tap into before... photography.  There's something about Fort Worth that begs you to experience it on foot.  Our downtown is not huge, but it is intricate.  You can zip by in your car and easily miss one of the most beautiful cities around with a very interesting history.  My favorite hobby over the last few years has been simply walking around, exploring and taking pictures.

Enter, my passion for photography... which I didn't know that I had, but has now become a huge part of my life.  Just like bigger cities, Fort Worth has an amazing community of passionate people who love to photograph and share.  I've become very involved with Instagram local communities and I've entered many contests with my original photos.  Some contests offer prizes, but mostly, it's just the recognition from your fellow photographers, and the love of the city that drives you.  

I discovered a few months back that the photographers and photos I was competing with are actual professionals... you know, with fancy cameras and editing software at home, etc.  So you can imagine how amazing I feel and how encouraged I am over my talent, considering my cell phone photographs are competing and gaining attention!  

I don't have a fancy camera (yet) and I don't edit my photos... what I do have is a passion and love for this city! I have a photographer's eye and an ability to capture moments.  And it's been one of my best discoveries of talent!  And I do believe that it shows in my work.

So, with confidence comes more contests.  Last fall I entered an Instagram photo contest through the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.  It gave participants an opportunity to submit photos for a numerous categories and was designed to showcase Fort Worth in a variety of ways.  I found out before Christmas that I was chosen as a WINNER in the Neighborhoods category for a shot I took of the historic Fairmount District.  I was actually shocked at first, considering how many amazing photographers there are in the area.  What an amazing honor! And tonight, I am an invited guest to the FWHAT Launch Party to be announced as one of the winners!  

It has been amazing to see this city rally behind it's young adults and embrace the social and online communities.  The vision of this city is constantly evolving, and Fort Worth has big plans!  If you're not a downtown resident, you may not even realize this! But thanks to an amazing organization called Vision Fort Worth, this city has dedicated a great deal of time to making sure young professionals know about Fort Worth, beyond the typical cowboy stereotypes. The FWHAT website will provide young professionals with information on our great city and help us all to stay connected.  I'm  proud to be a part of the beginning stages of this process!

I will be in attendance tonight at the FWHAT Launch Party, at the Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth.  If you're a young professional, come check it out!  Or if you're just curious about the project!  Let's support our city and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, as they work hard to support us!
For more information on what FWHAT is, read here! Hope to see you tonight!

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