Thursday, January 2, 2014

Work it

Like most people, I'd love to turn things around and work out more this year. I'm hoping Chris' motivation to go to the gym will continue to rub off on me- we had our first workout of the new year together tonight! It was a great opportunity to try out a new Christmas gift.

This Adidas sweatshirt was given to me by my brother and it's already one of my favorites! That's saying a lot... you have no idea how many sweatshirts I have! But this is among my very first workout-specific items... since athletic clothing has been evolving so much over the last few years. This sweatshirt is super lightweight but also very warm. There's a soft fuzzy inside that makes it really comfortable to wear over a tank or even just a sports bra. It actually kept me so warm, I had to take it off in the middle of my workout! Can't wait to try it outside!

Another great feature is the holes in the cuff to allow your thumbs to hook through. Talk about perfect for me! Can't tell you how many sweatshirts I have with stretched-out arms because I'm constantly pulling the sleeves down to half-cover my hands. Love this feature! And of course, above all, the super fun colors really get me! Cute workout gear is a must for me... it's motivation as well as a huge dose of my personality! Sassy all the way! Check out more Adidas Climawarm gear.

My Asics shoes are not new, but still feel that way! I constantly receive compliments on these puppies! Neon? Sure! Swirled multi-color neon? Heck yes!! Shop for your own neon Asics.

How do you sass-it-up when heading to the gym?! Here's to many workouts in 2014! Let's keep each other motivated!

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