Monday, January 6, 2014

Makeup Monday

Happy first Monday of the new year! I'm starting out Makeup Monday with some fun, festive color to celebrate 2014. I've mixed and matched 2 different Mary Kay at Play™ color trios because I felt like using blue and purple. On the blue pallet, I only used the middle, lighter blue color. And on the purple pallet, I used the middle light golden color and the far right red-purple color. Even with crazy color, you always want to pick 3 tones- a light color, a medium shade and an accent shade. In this case, my medium shade was the blue and accent was the purple.

First, start with an eye primer.  I recommend Mary Kay's Eye Primer. This will allow you to use less eye shadow, but have more intense color that will last longer. Then, with the lightest eye shadow shade, cover your entire eyelid, going up over the brow bone all the way to under your eye brow. With the medium tone, add color starting in the outside corner of your eyelid, coming in about half way on your eyelid, and up slightly into the crease. (If you have a hooded eyelid like me, carry your medium tone up onto the brow bone, slightly higher than the bone. This will allow the color to be seen with your eyes open, even with a little extra eyelid skin. Don't worry, lots of us have it!) Then add your darkest accent color in the outside corners only. Since my darkest accent was purple, and I have green eyes, I used more purple than blue and I also carried the purple higher on my brow bone. This way the purple dominates more than the blue and makes my green eyes still pop.

If you have brown eyes, you can really accent with any color. If you have blue eyes, use blue eye shadow sparingly.  The key to eye makeup is having fun but also making sure to use colors that will make your own eye color pop. If everything matches, your eyes will be lost and your makeup will be the first thing noticed.
Finish with a few coats of Ultimate Mascara! I love the At Play™ makeup line!! Funky, sassy colors and so affordable! I'm never bored because I'm constantly mixing and matching. What colors are you dying to try together?

Want more advice on picking the right eye shadow for your eye color? Check this out! Want to schedule your own complimentary color consultation? Contact me! 

Happy Monday and happy 2014, y'all!

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