Friday, January 31, 2014

Woofin' in the Worth

Well, we got lucky yesterday... had some nice Texas weather, it was one of Chris' days off, and we had a little time on our hands.  My suggestion?  Heading to the dog park to let Mr. Wilbur have some doggie social time.

I always feel bad for Wilbur as we walk through our condo building every day; he's a lovable giant that most people are happy to see, but there are the occasional "holy crap he's big" reactions.  Yes, he's bigger than I am... he can pull me, yank me, drag me... all to go running up to someone to say HI or beg for treats.  He's a pup that suffers from "I have no idea how big I am and how I scare some people with my enthusiasm".  So it's really nice to have somewhere to go to let him off his leash and let him do his thing.

If you've never taken your best friend to the Fort Woof Dog Park, I highly recommend it.  Yes, you will have to watch your step and avoid poop piles (there's always some owners everywhere that don't pick up.... SO RUDE by the way and pretty disgusting), but relatively speaking, there's very little to watch out for compared to the size of the park and the number of dogs.  Most people I've seen always clean up and always watch their dogs to make sure they're behaving.
The park is situated just outside of downtown Fort Worth, so it's super convenient for us.  Even though downtown is very pet friendly and Wilbur and I enjoy lots of walks around town, again, there's nothing that can replace "no leash time" and the socializing he experiences at the dog park.

Chris and I were shocked at how much energy Wilbur had yesterday!  Usually it's about 10 minutes of hard-core running and he's pooped.  But I think we could have stayed all afternoon and he would have been fine.

I love this dog park for lots of reasons:
1. It's close & convenient
2. It's HUGE
3. There are benches, picnic tables and a covered area for people to sit
4. There's a water station for the dogs
5. There are separate sides for large breeds and small
6. The people and the dogs are always very friendly
7. It's a giant, wide-open space for running and playing, but there's also obstacle course equipment if you want to get technical with your dog
Show your local Fort Worth support and check it out sometime!  Your doggies will love it!  Maybe we'll see you there sometime ;-)

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