Monday, January 13, 2020

work it girl

Happy Monday y'all! 

This year has actually been really great so far! I know I know, we're only a couple weeks in.  But I've been feeling good lately and I know a huge part of that is taking some small steps for myself!  

I've done a little self care like a mani and pedi and a haircut.  I've also spent time with my family and used some gift cards for shopping.  Next on the list is getting into some sort of workout routine!

Ok so I grew up playing competitive soccer and that kept me in the most amazing shape!  I am nowhere near that anymore and I have to say I get really frustrated when I get tired easily!  Which happens more and more unfortunately.  I'm not big on lengthy workouts or going to the gym, but I do have a few goals in mind for upping my workout game.

I love walks and I still put K in the stroller sometimes and go for power walks.  That will probably always be my favorite.  But I also really want to get back into yoga; prior to having a kid, I would go to free yoga classes around town quite often and I really fell in love with the workout!  It's a goal to make time for classes again which thankfully should be possible because Chris' schedule is more regular now!

I'm also going to incorporate more small things around the house like my jumprope (great for cardio and balance) and my small weights.  So today I thought I'd share two links to some workout clothing I just got and have been trying out!

Being a busy mom and fitting in small workouts here and there within my day really does dictate the type of clothing I choose.  Right now I'm all about cute and functional and affordable.  I've talked a lot recently about Walmart upping their game and really improving their clothing and today I'm talking about it again!  I love the convenience of grabbing a few pieces while I'm doing my grocery shopping!  It makes this mom life so much easier.

I'm loving these cute, trendy pieces I got a couple weeks ago!  They are Avia brand.  These Snake Print Leggings are so great!  The fit is perfect; they have spandex and really bend and move with you.  They're also made from recycled polyester if reusing if your jam.  They are high-waisted which is definitely my jam.  They are moisture-wicking (hello Texas weather)!  And they also have two side pockets if you're needing a little area to keep things or slide your phone in so you're hands-free.  Best of all, in my opinion, they're under $15, range in sizes XS-XXL, and they're just super cute!  If snake print isn't your thing, there's a variety of colors and patterns.

Next up this cute neon pink workout shirt.  Also moisture-wicking and super soft and comfy!  I don't like tight-fitting tops for workouts so I love how loose this one is and how "barely there" it feels.  It also has mesh around the armpits for maximum breathability.  I'm all about that since I am a sweater!!  I purchased mine in store and got neon pink.  In case you haven't seen, neon is one of the biggest trends this year and my 80s child self is loving it!!  Online, you can get these tops in a couple different colors and they actually also come in a 2-pack with a black top in each pair.  Again, super affordable!  I paid less than $8 for one top in store and online they're two for $14 right now.

Since I'm usually throwing on one outfit for the day... running around doing errands, chasing my toddler and fitting in small workouts here and there... I like to be cute and comfortable in clothing that looks trendy enough but is also performance based so it works for whatever I'm doing.  I'm loving these two pieces so I hope you'll check them out and let me know how you like them!!

Don't forget to check back on my Instagram Stories all week long for 9 other blogger babes that are sharing their favorite workout gear!  Everyone is a variety of shapes and sizes so you're sure to find something you love, even if my choices aren't right for you!  We all hope to inspire you to get your workout on and look great while doing it!

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