Wednesday, January 15, 2020

christmas gift favorites

Hey y'all!  Since it's been a few weeks since Christmas, today I thought I'd share some of my Christmas Favorites- things I've been loving that I received as gifts.

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First off I've been living in these slippers.  They are perfect for me to wear around the house.  I love that they're warm and easy and quick to slip on and off.  I've even taken the trash out in them because they have a nice sturdy bottom.  And plus, they're just cute with the faux fur!  They're a great Ugg dupe and super affordable.
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Update: omg y'all! I think my gold color sold out AS I WAS TYPING!! I'm sorry!!

Next, my new favorite earrings!  My mom got me these (yes I specifically asked for them) and I think she fell in love with them as soon as they came in!  They are so beautiful y'all!!  They're a great size and I've worn them with dressier outfits but also just jeans and a tee.  The dichroic glass gives them lots of colors.  If you want a darker color, they come in a "Peach Ombre" which is kinda a red color and "Indigo Illusion" which is a gorgeous dark blue.  They're also on sale right now!! Hurry!
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Another great gift that I wanted is this Rebecca Minkoff Tote.  It's still on a 50% off sale!!!  Black keeps selling out but I just saw the Equestrian (light brown) and the Perla (gray).  I opted for the Perla because I don't have any light colored bags and I wanted this for spring.  Not going to lie, I picked out the Equestrian color first and it sold out before my mom could get it so HURRY HURRY HURRY!!  This is such a great deal so they keep selling out!  I just saw black yesterday and now it's gone.

Have you been doing after Christmas shopping?  I'm loving all the deals!  Hence the reason I love gift cards haha!!  I still have a gift card to Nordstrom and I just did some shopping at Kohl's.  I'll be sharing my Kohl's finds soon so make sure you're always checking back to my Instagram stories!

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