Friday, March 22, 2013

Where are you, Spring?

 Ok so, it's officially spring now, right? We're seeing the hotest trends for spring fashion and we're all getting excited to bust out those cute pastel or floral outfits and shoes... unfortunately the weather has other plans. In North Texas we are, once again, having a cold front push through, after a small tease of spring weather. So right now I'm still in layers and bundling up in blankets, and well, not feeling so "springy", if you will. But, I am so looking forward to the Spring trends, that I spend most of my time browsing fashion and beauty blogs! Confession: I follow more New York bloggers than anyone... I just love the vibe of the Big Apple and the unique personalities that thrive there! and I'm almost obsessed with following some of these ladies (online, ha! I'm not a stalker)... I'm so drawn to the idea of these girls being out there on the streets, doing their business, their way, setting the trends and alerting us amateurs of what's hot. I have such a desire to be doing the same, and slowly but surely, I think I can make that happen. I've realized the value in being "up-to-date" in fashion and beauty, because it's all about women celebrating being women! As I build my dreams, I also build my personal businesses, and I'm thankful, that in one of my businesses, I work along side a company that cares just as much about being up-to-date and the trendiest, most popular bloggers! I'm obsessed with the spring trends in Mary Kay and their dedication to making it so easy on us consultants to share the latest trends and innovations with friends and followers. So while I may not be a daily blogger that's figured her path in this blogging/social media online world (YET!), I can pass along great info that can help you stay on-trend too! This eCatalog is one of my favorite tools, because it's a quick visual that gives a great overview of makeup looks, but also trends in fashion and accessories to coordinate! Check out the Spring Trend Report here: Spring/Summer Trend Report 2013

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