Monday, November 24, 2014

Flirt turns five

I am NOT an early Christmas shopper.  I'd love to be one of those women that has every gift for every person figured out before Thanksgiving and Christmas cards ready to mail and meals planned... but I am not.  Not even close.  I'm the person that says every year that they're going to Christmas shop early and do it online to avoid crowds and not shop for myself on Black Friday... and then does just that.  And then finishes the last of the shopping on Christmas Eve.  No joke.  UGH.

So I guess you could say I'm actually ridiculously proud of myself for having a very few small gifts already purchased this year... how sad is that?!  But seriously, I am proud... baby steps.

My timing and procrastinating may still be in a sad state BUT I've managed to improve a little with the planning portion i.e. making sure I'm shopping big sales and using coupons and getting freebies for myself along the way so I'm not actually spending the money on myself.  

This is a great time of year for sales in all stores, not just big box retailers.  I highly recommend checking into local boutiques and making sure that you always follow your favorite shops on any social media platform they offer.  Why?  Because they announce events and sales, that's why.  And many boutiques even have style ambassadors now that can offer discount codes and/or reward customer loyalty.  Also, many boutiques are offering buying/shipping via Paypal on instagram so you don't have to be local to them!  So you really can end up shopping some amazing deals and get gifts that are far more personalized and unique at great prices.

I follow a fabulous boutique here in Fort Worth called Flirt Boutique (you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram) and I took full advantage of their Flirt Turns Five celebration event last week!  Check out some of my pics from the event!~
P.S. Flirt~ we have the same curtains!! ;-)

You have no idea how hard to was for me to avoid this sale rack and NOT shop for myself.  I can't tell you how bad I wanted to buy those zig zag shorts!!
I love shopping for jewelry in boutiques.  This is the main reason I was there because I have many people on my Christmas list that love statement jewelry!
Check out those awesome giveaways!! I'm jealous of the winners, whoever they are! 
It was fabulous to meet Fort Worth style blogger Breanne of Being Be.  I feel like I have the pleasure of meeting numerous Dallas bloggers but not as many Fort Worth bloggers, so it was great to meet her and chat about our passion for fashion!  She was sweet as honey!  Honey... Be... see what I did there? Anyone? HAAaaaa! :-) 
Thank you Flirt for this swag bag full of fabulous freebies!! 
And to all of these great local retailers!  {Wrare // Social House // Kona Grill // Wink Threading}
I can't believe we received this beautiful clutch, wrap and candle for free!  Such beautiful items!!  Um, this candle is the best smelling thing ever!

Happy birthday to Flirt Boutique!  Thank you for the wonderful celebration and the amazing gifts!  Here's to your continued success!

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