Wednesday, January 7, 2015

arctic blast hibernation

I am NOT a cold weather person!!!  So these arctic blasts that keep hitting DFW... yeahhh not a fan!  This morning I was dreading taking Mr. Wilbur outside.  And true to his St. Bernard form, he just romped around in the freezing cold, enjoying the crap out of himself while my nose ran down my face and I tried desperately to cover my ears from the cold.  Not cool, Wilbur... not cool.  (I'm sure he's thinking the same of me during the summer months when I want to stay outside and he's sweating his fur off!)  But seriously, this cold! OMG!!

So today is all about hibernating and cuddling with my kitties!  Here's a few of my favorite items for the day...
Kindle // Glasses (old) similar HERE

I am loving these yoga pants.  I am, sadly, one of those girls that will live in yoga pants WAY MORE than actually using them for yoga... gah, guilty as crap!  {Sorry not sorry}  So seriously, many of my lounging pants are just getting really worn out.  I spotted these pants in the juniors section at Target while I was grocery shopping... yeah grocery shopping in the clothing section LOL OOPS!!  I chose these for the light mint green stripes and the glitter.  I don't see that exact pattern online so check your local Target stores!!  What I'm loving in that these pants are LONG! Like super long and I need that.  I purchased an XS for myself and they fit perfectly!  I have long legs so usually pants, especially work out pants, are too short for me.  I'm considering going back and getting another pair!  They are also slightly flared/bootcut so they easily fit over shoes.

The coffee mug and Kindle were both Christmas gifts and I'm loving them!! I can never get enough mugs... I have an entire cabinet plus some sitting on shelves (If you know a great mug holder/ DIY/ craft idea, send it my way!! Tag me on Pinterest- @Texas_Sass)

I've hesitated in the past with tablets because I just didn't know how much I'd use it... but I decided to ask for one this year and I'm really loving it!  It's so nice to have a big screen and I'm hoping that it will encourage me to read more (obviously right now I'm still stuck on magazines lol)

What's the weather like where you are?  These arctic blasts are killing me!  This Texas girl is frozen!  How are you staying warm?!

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