Friday, March 30, 2012

Rise and shine!

I'm slowly trying to turn myself into a morning person... pause for laughter... I've always been a night owl & a sleep-in-til-noon girl

In college, my roommates used to play "not it" when it came to figuring out who would wake me from my slumber. I am a grumpy gal when I'm sleepy, what can I say ;-) But now that I'm older and I work for myself and I'm not rushing to class or an office every morning, I've come to realize that the quiet morning time where I'm sipping my coffee and the world hasn't seemed to get crazy yet, is actually my favorite time of the day! Sometimes, I get up earlier than I need to, just to give myself that time. I love to watch the sun come up and the world "come alive" after the darkness. There's something about it when you can FEEL God in the morning... you can feel the possibilities for a great day!

Here's to sippin' coffee, browsing the web, petting the cat and relaxing a little before "life" starts. What a blessing!

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