Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lazy days

My week in review... I spent most of it by the pool! Pretty luxurious, huh? ;-) True to itself, Texas weather was fickle fickle fickle! All week it was sunny and then a storm would come through and we'd be surrounded by severe weather. This happened a couple of times. But it was pretty convenient that most of the sun was during the afternoon and most of the storms were during the night. So I was able to catch some rays by the pool and enjoy some beers with my brother. Cozmo had a blast and completely wore himself out in the pool. Last year was his first time to swim, so this year he was still a little hesitant at first. But once he remembered what he was doing, it was hard to get it out of the pool! He's a great swimmer... this year we added in fetching the tennis ball. We have yet to master jumping into the pool (he takes the stairs) and catching the ball as he's jumping in. But hey, he's young and we have time!
I lounged in the lounge chair and broke in the new pool float lounger. We cooked out burgers and ordered pizzas. We sat on the patio and jammed an old boombox. The backyard was my playground this week and it was great to spend quality time with my family that wasn't all in front of the tv :-) Happy weekend and happy summer!!

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