Monday, August 6, 2012


Remember when you were younger & you insisted that you were & would never be anything like your mother? And then remember that first moment in your early 20s when all of a sudden it hit you... "Oh crap, I'm just like her!" LOL! The older you get, the more of those moments you have. But, the best thing about it is, the older you get, the more you realize how much of a good thing that can be!
I love my mom more than words & we definitely do have a lot in common, but not everythng! I had a moment over the weekend when I felt a rare "we're exactly alike" thought... and guess what triggered it... boy bands!
Saturday evening was a fun night I shared with mom & her bff Carolyn. We had steak & red wine at Ruth's Chris Steak House (best steak in Fort Worth! Seriously) and then it was off to Bass Hall to see 1964, a Beatles tribute band that has been touring for 28 years!! My mom was Beatles crazy in her teens, much the same way I was and still am obsessed with New Kids on the Block. And although the show wasn't the real Beatles, I saw my mom, in teenage excitement, sharing her concert story with the lady sitting to my right, and she in turn shared her story. They had both pleaded with their parents to see the concert and they both screamed through the whole thing, because that's what everyone else did! And as I listened I thought to myself how cool it was to hear their stories, and to think of the boy bands I've been "in love" with and how I know every song and how someday, hopefully, I'll be sitting with my daughter and she'll be listening to how I screamed and cried all through my one NKOTB concert I attended!
Saturday was a lot of fun! I think I sang along word for word with every song 1964 played, except maybe 3... I've been listening to the Beatles since I was a little girl... I love them because my mom loved them and passed on her passion <3

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